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Are you a student? You must have done multiple essay assignments and many you will do in the future. Let me share with you a fact that you might be good at grammar and study but it does not ensure your good writing in an essay. There are various things that you must know about essay writing as many students make mistakes that lower their marks for essays.

The essay has different types and purposes for writing. Students are required to write their essays under certain requirements and expectations. This is why it is important to understand the types of the essay and their characteristics to avoid flaws in the essays. Furthermore, you have to check the critical mistakes that most students make in their essays. Below are five major mistakes that an essay writer should avoid in his essays.

Incorrect Planning

Everything requires proper planning including your essay writing. You have to decide when to start your work and how much time it will take. Also, you have to plan on how to use information in your essay. In short, each step of essay writing requires proper planning. Students make this mistake and get confused during writing. Therefore, from start to end make a proper schedule and follow each step with attention to complete your essay.

Incorrect Format and Structure

This is a common mistake that students make in essay writing. For me as well, the format and structure of the essay were tough in the beginning when I often asked my friends to write essay for me. However, practice and learning helped me to cope with the issue. You should also learn proper formatting and structuring of the essay so that you can write a clear and logical essay. Each genre of essay has its own format and structure; therefore, practice a lot to make your essay perfect.

Incorrect Tone and Language

Many students don't even consider these elements while writing their essays. They completely ignore their audience and keep their focus on inserting a different piece of information in the essay. Don't make this mistake and know who the audience for your essay is. It will help you to set the correct tone of the essay. You can address or engage readers in a convincing manner. Also, the language of the essay is crucial that you can select after analyzing the type and audience of your essay. Therefore, don't ignore your audience and use the correct tone and language in your essay. If you are confused, hire an essay writing service now.

Incorrect Referencing

When you add information from different sources whether direct or after paraphrasing, you must give credit to the original author. In-text citations and references have to be added to let readers know from where you have taken the information. Many students don't add references or add them in the wrong manner.

You have to avoid this mistake and learn how to add references to your essay. Add in-text citations just after the information that you have taken from an outside source. Also, create a reference page at the end of the essay and write down all references alphabetically. Remember, your essay will not be considered credible work without correct referencing.

Incorrect Data

Many students don't know how to narrow down their research. Your essay should contain information relevant to the topic but it should be unique. It means you have to stay on track by following your thesis statement. The thesis of the essay talks about a certain aspect of the topic. It helps to narrow your research and to find the most relevant data for your essay.

Therefore, search before starting your essay and develop thesis statements. After making a thesis narrow your search and find data to prove yourself correct. Also, use data from more than one source. You can take information from newspapers, reports, books, and articles. Or you can also consult a paper writing service to do it for you.

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