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A descriptive essay is a piece or genre of writing that describes something like a person, scenario, object, act, law, phenomenon, etc. the students or the authors are supposed to provide just a mere description of the topic without showing any biases or making certain claims. Such an essay is neither too formal nor very personal. Rather, it is a balance between two formats.

A prompt in an essay is used to make readers involve their thinking, creativity, and imagination in the essay. A creative prompt for a descriptive essay is what will keep the audiences engaged and will pursue them to continue reading the document.

Generally, the formats for writing an effective descriptive essay with a creative prompt are already developed and provided by the instructors. However, sometimes students need to come up with a prompt of their own. In such a scenario, many students look for write my essay services from others and even online and go on searching for a creative prompt.

This article will provide basic guidelines to the student and the essay writer that will help them come up with or develop a creative, interesting, and engaging prompt for their descriptive essay.

Creative Prompt in Descriptive Writing

The purpose of a prompt in descriptive writing is to convey to the readers clearly what is being described. The readers should be able to imagine, visualize, and get the object being described. If a writer fails to do so, then the complete writing goes in vain. This can only be avoided if proper prompts are used.

Construction of a Prompt

This essay help will provide the basics of the descriptive prompt construction. The construction of a creative prompt for a descriptive essay is completed in three steps: the introduction, brainstorming, and the description.


This part of the essay makes ground before formally introducing the topic itself. It provides a general and broader definition and insight into the topic.


Encourage readers to brainstorm what they think of the idea or narrative built in the introductory sentence.


The final and most crucial stage is to describe the topic itself. Here the author needs to provide a description that is not too lengthy yet can hit the chords of the reader’s heart and convey the crux of the whole essay. If you are still confused, hire an essay writing service now in no time.

Creative prompt for descriptive essay- Guidelines

The description is what makes a reader involved in the writing. The essays should be written in a manner that should engage the readers. Few guidelines should be followed to create an effective prompt.

  1. Firstly, choose the topic that you can connect with or what inspires you to bring it into writing.
  2. Once the topic, like an object or a favorite scene, has been selected, add further details and a description of it. More are the characteristics and features listed on the topic, better will be the essay.
  3. Follow the motto of the show; do not tell. Add more and more relevant details of the topic and leave it to readers' imagination instead of just telling them.
  4. Involve all the five senses of the reader into the writing. Ask and answer the five senses questions for them which are:
    • What can be seen
    • What is heard
    • What is felt
    • How does it smell
    • How does it taste

Even if all of them can not be responded to, answer as many of them as possible.

Some ideas of the creative descriptive prompts are given below:

  • Write about the weirdest person you have met.
  • Write about the most inspiring person or a celebrity crush.
  • Describe your favorite pet or a hobby
  • Write about your favorite holiday destination.

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