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Writing about Bullying can be a challenge because of the amount of information that is available regarding the topic. If I sound crazy to you, you probably need to start writing that informative speech that you have been assigned and you will be facing the same issues.

It is Probably Not as Easy as You Think!

This is a symptom of ignoring your assignment because you think it is too easy. Often, the easiest of topics are the hardest to organize. The more the available content, the harder it becomes to condense it and present it in meaningful ways.

You may not know it yet due to chronic procrastination that sometimes plagues academic life but you may need an informative speech outline for bullying. Such an outline can become the guide for any future speeches that you may need to write.

Conduct thorough research!

The first thing to do is research. It is a way of making yourself sound legitimate. You will not listen no matter how well you organize until you gain the trust of your target audience.

The Audience…

Actually, the first thing that a speech or essay writer needs to do is to know the target audience. Research while keeping the requirements of your audience in mind. Considering that your audience is pretty generic, it is important to move on to organizing your research.

The Powerful Introduction

Introduce the topic properly by appealing to the ethos, pathos, and logos of your reader/listener. You need to define “bullying”. The definition is the key that will open many doors for you. Use it to the best of your advantage.

In your introduction, don’t shy away from presenting some impressive statistics or quoting from sources to appear savvy and smart. Your audience will instantly want to listen to you if you start off with a good hook!

Kinds of Bullying and What can They do to Someone…

After the introduction, you can move on to the way that bullying affects the physical, mental, and spiritual health of an individual. But only after you talk about the types of bullying. Discuss each one and provide examples from everyday life. There is nothing like practical examples to make you relatable.

Be relatable, not aloof. Your audience needs to connect with you if you want them to connect with your content. Again, make use of rhetorical devices.

Clearly describe every dimension of the impact of bullying on the well-being of an individual. Make use of statistics and evidence to supplement your narrative. Carefully lead the audience to every next step. Move from the basic to the complex.

Get Some Perspective…

Be sympathetic to your audience. It is not easy to sit through a dull speech. Read what you write and pretend to be a listener or reader. Only then will you understand if your content possesses the ability to interest or to put to sleep.

Why do Bullies Bully?

Discuss the causes of bullying in detail. There are factors that lead certain people to engage in behaviors that may cause psychological or physical hurt to others. If I sound like a track on repeat whenever I talk about the importance of keeping the goal of information in mind, that is my intention.

Refrain from the Temptation to Overkill!

Don’t forget that while you write or deliver this speech, the only purpose of your existence is to educate. You don’t have to debate about right or wrong.

Conclude Smartly…

After everything is said and done, more needs to be said and done. This is due to the fact that you can’t leave without a conclusion. Conclude by summarizing all that you have mentioned in your speech.

If you think you can take your audience by surprise and earn more points for making a statement or introducing a topic at this stage of your speech, you couldn’t be more mistaken. The conclusion cannot have any new piece of information unless you want the reader or listener to shake their fists at you!

A Solution to Everything!

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