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The world is facing many issues right now some of them are manmade and some natural. Most importantly terrorism has affected the world's politics and economy in certain regions. The turmoil, unfortunately, led to the collapse of many governments in the Middle East most notably Iraq and Yemen. The second biggest threat is climate change which humanity is facing today. These are some major issues but the solution does not start right away rather experts propose some possible solutions in the form of research papers.

All academic papers are written to solve various issues. For a dissertation you have to prepare a proposal if it gets approved then you can start working on it. For example, if you want to write on climate change then you will observe the topic from different angles or perspectives. It would help you to narrow down your research on a particular point. In your paper, you will explore or discuss that point also known as a thesis statement.

Some students do not like to go through all the hassle and hire an essay writing service. It saves their time that they can spend on other useful activities. If you are facing the same dilemma then find some legit essay writing service websites, I am sure you would be relieved if you find the right one. I believe such services do not have extensive requirements you just need to tell them your topic and hurrah!

They would write you a well-written essay within your deadline, but you have to think about your research topic. Just relax and let me do it for you, I am writing down some potential topics for your research papers. You can choose one which you like the most and send it to a professional essay writer and leave the worries to them.

Potential topics of research papers

  1. Climate change is caused by human activities: Myth or Reality
  2. Capital punishment is not effective anymore
  3. Why Europe has banned capital punishment?
  4. Repercussions of killing a human being on purpose
  5. Why does the state have ultimate authority over violence?
  6. Governance system is still evolving, the democratic system needs to be changed
  7. A democratic form of government where a minority becomes irrelevant
  8. Lower voting turnout rate shows that the voting system is itself corrupt
  9. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely
  10. Torture was never helpful in solving the crimes
  11. The world needs a new system of governance
  12. Acquaintance rape and marital rape: Comment
  13. Maternity leaves should be allowed there is no need for paternity leaves
  14. School uniform is unnecessary to wear
  15. World’s major countries need to revive the tax system
  16. In most cases, curfew help students to refrain from illicit activities
  17. Curfews discourage teens to do something new
  18. Parents should set limits in controlling their kids
  19. Cheating should not be considered cheating unless it is consensual
  20. Humanity and its rising dependency on technology

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  1. The use of modern electronic gadgets is necessary in this modern world
  2. Animals should not be used for cosmetic research
  3. How can we reduce the harmful effects of climate change?
  4. Is it too late to save planet earth from carbon emission gasses?
  5. Can artificial intelligence help us to explore extraterrestrial life on other planets?
  6. We should treat the planet earth as a living body
  7. The survival of humanity is directly dependent health planet
  8. Governments can collect more taxes by legalizing drugs
  9. Legalization of drugs would eliminate gang wars violence around the world
  10. Teen pregnancy and provision of free condoms
  11. There should be a limit for salaries of CEOs
  12. The debate on establishing single-sex schools
  13. College admissions are becoming too competitive for most of the students
  14. Rich people should be taxed more than the middle class
  15. Getting a college education has become too costly

After choosing a topic, the next step is to begin with the writing process. However, if you are unsure about your writing skills, ask others to write my essay for me.

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