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Writing a compare and contrast essay is a mandatory requirement in English composition courses, which requires you to analyze the existing difference and the similarities of two distinct subjects. It is an interesting activity that lets you develop the main argument of your essay by specifically focusing on the similarities and differences in the case of two subjects. In other words, it is your chance to know how to make better inferences about the significance of the subjects through comparisons. The first advice for you in this context is to start with developing a compare and contrast essay outline to give a basic structure to your essay. It is the first step of the entire writing process and I guarantee you that this phase will help an essay writer to easily shape the essay, according to his choice.

Outlining the Introduction to the Essay

Please keep in mind that you don’t need to create the whole introduction of the essay in its outline. You just need to write the main points of the essay’s introduction briefly and clearly. Presenting the essay topic is the first step when it comes to mentioning information about the topic in the essay’s outline.

For compare and contrast essays, you need to include the topic in the template according to the central theme of your essay. For example, it can be mentioned as “comparing/contrasting A with B”. It is important to give a good glimpse of your essay to the audience by illustrating the main purpose of it. In outline, you can mention as explaining or assessing existing similarities and differences between subjects A and B.

Describing the significance of your topic is as important as your topic itself. Also, offer a brief piece of detail in the outline about the overall implication of the subject you selected for your essay. Without a strong thesis statement, all your effort to construct an outline for an essay will lack focus. The thesis statement should reflect a strong argument and indicate the entire focus of the outline. It requires you to illuminate how two subjects are similar or different from each other.

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Organization of Body Paragraphs

Now is the time to arrange paragraphs for the discussion portion. You can either give a Point-By-Point Arrangement and Block Arrangement; both are recognized as two mechanisms to adhere to when you are going to present your arguments in the essay. The point-by-point arrangement allows you to compare a particular aspect of both objects in the form of paragraph analysis. Contrary to this, the block arrangement allows you to group the similarities and differences separately in order to arrange the information.

Outlining Conclusion of the Essay

Don’t ignore the importance of this section as this is the chance for you to leave your last impression on your audience. It is your last chance for you to explicitly and confidently explain your arguments and logic to the audience referring to your earlier comparison of distinct objects. It is a crucial point of your essay where you need to restate the thesis statement of the essay and briefly present your relevant points and end it with your final word on the matter.

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