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The most common type of essays that almost every student whether at university, college, or school level has to write at some point in their academic career are compare and contrast essays. So when you are expected to write one, you should be already prepared. This article will help you understand how to structure such essays along with some topic ideas that you may use in writing these essays.

Suppose you are assigned the task of comparing two books. So you can compare and contrast them in three different ways and each of them with their detailed procedure is given below or you can ask a paper writing service to do it for you.

Essay Structure 1 – Block Structure

This is the most popular type of structure and you may know it as well. In this structure, your essay is divided into block-like sections which are generally six in number. In the first block, you discuss the introduction of the two texts, In the next block which has two paragraphs discusses Text 1 while the 3 block which again has 2 paragraphs discusses text 2. The last block is the conclusion block that concludes the main points of both texts.

This structure is pretty straightforward as both texts are discussed separately in different block-like structures.

Essay Structure 2 – Alternating Structure

In this structure, rather than placing text in blocks and chunks, you are alternating between the text. In short, you write alternative details of both books in alternative paragraphs rather than placing them separately in different paragraphs. It is another effective way of structuring a compare and contrast essay. However, this structure may confuse you at first as you do not finish talking about the first text before moving onto the second.

The introduction and conclusion part is however placed similarly in all three types of structures. Only the body paragraphs are what defines these three distinct types of structures.

Essay Structure 3 – Integrated Structure

An integrated structure is what you can call a side by side analysis. In each of the body paragraphs, you write about both text 1 and text 2. It is different from the alternating structure in a way that in alternating structure, you place text in alternative paragraphs rather than keeping the paragraph the same. This is the most complex structure out of all three because you have to deal with both texts at the same time and you do not have the margin of focusing on just 1 text before moving onto the next.

Again, the introductory and conclusion paragraphs remain the same in this structure as well. When I write my essay for me, I decide on these two paragraphs first and decide which structure to use. As it makes it easy to decide on the details of the writing.

Topic Ideas

You can take help from your colleagues or an essay writing service to help you decide on an essay. As I know no one will write an essay for me, but surely many people can help me in choosing a topic. So, you're also advised to take a second opinion on your topic choice.

At a school or college level, you can choose topics like:

  • Nineteenth vs the twentieth century.
  • Hitler vs Stalin
  • Laptop vs computer
  • UK vs the US
  • High school vs college.

These are just a few examples to give you an idea of what type of topic choice is appropriate at the college or school level. You are not limited to use only these because obviously there are infinitely many others. The point here is to tell that such generic topics are commonly used at a college or school level.

When you move to a higher level, the choice of topic becomes more specific such as you may be asked to compare and contrast two certain books or movies. In case you are still confused, hire an essay writer now.

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