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Do you ever feel stuck in an essay? Yeah, don’t we all? Well, that is to be expected. College life offers us a lot of opportunities, but with these opportunities comes a lot of work, mainly essays.

Lots and lots of essays. Honestly not getting stuck on them would be a miracle.

Well, no worries because if you are looking for essay examples then I am here for you. I am going to suggest a few compare and contrast essay examples right here so that your task is made easy for you.

Why compare and contrast essays, you ask? Well, because they can be rather tough so you will need all the help you can get.

Here are my suggestions.

Example 1: Living at a Campus vs. Living at Your Own Home

Ok, so this one is rather easy. All you need to do is note down your own experience. So, if you live at a campus then reflect on the pros and cons of that life.

Then, simply find someone who lives at home and ask them about theirs.

Really, you just need to have a conversation with yourself and then one with another person. Easy.

I will get you started. You can write how living at a campus is better because you can interact with the faculty at all times which can prove to be useful.

Think of a few similar points.

Example 2: Art vs. Science Classes

Okay, so I don’t expect that you would have taken both art and science classes. You could have, which is great as then you don’t have to worry at all.

But for those who have taken only one type of class, just follow the process mentioned in example 1.

Think of how your art class works and then ask a science student about theirs. Or vice versa.

Just be sure that you ask specific questions from the other student so that you get points that are comparable.

Example 3: Private Colleges vs. Public Schools.

This one is a hot topic of debate. So, be happy because you will get plenty of information about this on the internet.

Try to search for the pros and cons of private schools and then do the same for public schools.

Put these two perspectives side by side and there you have it, a perfect structure for a compare and contrast essay.

Choose a few of the similarities and differences you see and get going.

Example 4: Facebook vs. Instagram

This topic will surely interest you. Am I right? This one can be super fun and really easy to write about. All of us use these two apps daily.

I picked these two as they are the most popular ones and are also different from one another.

If an essay writer wants to compare two other apps then go for it.

Just compare the ones you use often so that you will have to do as little research as possible.

Example 5: Male vs. Female Friendships

This topic is another one of those fun topics that can be super interesting. Most of us have both male and female friends and we have noticed how male friends act differently from female ones.

Well, all you need to do is think of how exactly it is that they act differently. Then think a little bit more and you will notice some similarities too.

For example, I have noticed that my male friends can be really genuine and caring but do not like to show it. Think of something similar to the friends that you have.

And, if you don’t want to do so much thinking then don’t.

Just find an online essay writing service that will do your thinking for you and relax as they write your essay.

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