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As the name suggests, a compare and contrast essay investigates the given subjects in the topic by either drawing a contrast or comparison between them. Its objective is to highlight subtle not only distinctions but also startling connections concerning the two given subjects. There is a discussion about both, the comparing, and the contrasting elements.

Writing a compare and contrast essay can be divided into three major sections.

  • Formulating your argument

    Firstly, picking subjects that can be compared and contrasted properly. Pick two subjects that are in the same category but they have nothing in common. Similarly, you can also choose two subjects that may seem different but have something in common.

    Make sure the subjects can be discussed in a meaningful way. To get the topic, try to brainstorm. Before you start essay writing online try to roughly collect all the points you are going to discuss in the essay. Use Venn diagrams and graphs to get your data sorted. Also, remember to talk about the contrast and list down all the comparisons. Reflecting on one topic is more desirable than others. Make a meaningful comparison between the subjects and how they are similar or different.

  • Organizing your essay

    This section includes deciding your structure. This also has three types, Subject by subject structure, point by point structure, compare, then contrast. Then you have to outline your essay. This must be like-

    • Introduction of the essay- Talk about the title of the essay sets the scene for discussion, establishes a thesis statement, and makes your stand clear.
    • Thesis statement


      Acknowledgments of comparisons and contrast

  • Conclusion

    Arranging all events together is the end part. You have to take all the points and arrange them in a sequential manner so that it is easily understood by the reader.

For practice, I advise an essay writer to read a couple of compare and contrast essay examples. It is important for you before you start writing your assignment. Or you can also ask someone to write my paper for me.

Here’s a real quick example:

Compare and contrast Theodore Roosevelt with Donald Trump:

First, you’d explain that both served as presidents of the United States. Roosevelt served in the early 1900s. You’re just setting the stage.

Now you’d describe the similarities:

  • Both were U.S. Presidents
  • Both were born in New York City
  • Both ran under the label of “Republican.”
  • Both promised major construction projects south of the border. Roosevelt began construction of the Panama Canal. Trump promised to construct a big, beautiful wall along the Mexican border.
  • Both defeated politicians closely tied to political machines. Roosevelt defeated an incumbent state assemblyman. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.
  • Both named sons after themselves.
  • Both the president made the White House center of news, Roosevelt through his photo opportunities and interviews, and Trump through his tweets.

Now the contrasts:

  • Roosevelt had previous political experience, including serving as governor of New York and vice president under William McKinley. Trump had no prior political experience.
  • Roosevelt became president at age 42 and remains the youngest person to become president. Trump is one of the oldest, becoming president at age 70.
  • Roosevelt made a name for himself by leading corporate anti-corruption campaigns. However, Trump has been accused of corruption.
  • Roosevelt served in the military (the Navy). Trump has no military service and received multiple exemptions to stay out of the military.
  • Roosevelt was the exemplar of masculinity. Trump ridicules the supposed lack of masculinity in others.

And finally, you’d wrap up with a concluding, summary paragraph.

I hope the guidelines coupled with an example of compare of contrast essay would have ambiguities from your mind if any.

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Good Luck.

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