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Dolphins and whales both are marine mammals. Dolphins are talkative and make whistling sounds, unlike whales. Are you following me? If not, then let me put it in simple words. Above I have compared both dolphins and whales along with highlighting their differences. This is how we write an essay of the compare and contrast type.

Are you scratching your head because you still can’t get your head around it? If yes, then no worries, I am here to help you out. A compare and contrast essay requires a custom essay writer to evaluate the similarities along with the difference between two subjects that are of the same category yet are different from each other. See that wasn’t difficult, was it? If you want to learn more then, below is a complete guide to writing an effective essay.

Let’s, get started.

Choose a subject

Want to create a meaningful essay, then it is imperative to select two subjects that are in the same ballpark but are different. For instance, you want to write an essay on historical figures, you can select two politicians. However, if you choose one politician and the other famous artist then it won’t make sense.

Remember! Your essay is all about finding similarities and differences so choose something on which you can find relevant material from authentic sources.

If you are confused and unsure about selecting a good topic, ask others to write my essay online.


After being assigned a task to write an essay, students often get nervous and end up turning a vague essay. You can avoid this by keeping calm and then analyzing the topic from a different perspective. Make a list of all the similarities and differences in different appearances and then filter out the ones that you think are more important and can be supported via authentic sources.

Note: While you will be writing similarities and differences you may find out a few points that are common in both of your subjects. Make sure to add these points as well in your essay and don’t ignore them.

Hone in on your main argument

You can’t get away by listing only similarities and differences about the topic rather you have to present an argument as well. All you need to do is analyze the similarities and differences and think about what strikes you the most and what do these points tell about a topic.

Create an outline

Don’t jump right into creating an essay without outlining. Remember! The organization of ideas is the key to write an effective essay. While you create an outline make sure that each of the similarities and differences is well supported via authentic sources. Organize your body paragraphs in a way that they all make a proper flow. Use transition words to join the paragraphs and ensure cohesion.

Craft a rough draft

Once you are done outlining, it’s time to follow the outline and craft an essay. Create a rough draft so that you can edit it and make corrections. Make sure to cite the sources from where you have to find the data to avoid plagiarism.

Tip: Avoid flowery words or metaphors since it may confuse the readers. Instead, use simple words that are easy to comprehend.

Proofread and edit

After completing your essay, you are required to read it out loud to point out any errors. You can take help from your peers and professor as well. Don’t shy away from making corrections and removing unnecessary content. Remember! a well-researched and polished essay is worth reading and can help you attain good grades.

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