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Making formatting errors while composing a thesis or dissertation is a somewhat common issue among students. This occurs due to several factors where lack of knowledge about formatting and hasty writing are much communal.

Sometimes, students even think that the main job is to write a top-quality dissertation or thesis while formatting does not matter a lot. However, this is a disastrous decision you (as a student) can ever make. Proceed to hire a thesis or essay writer if you do not have time for it or do not have a strong command of it. However, never think that the significance of a dissertation or thesis is not huge. Rather, keep in mind that making formatting errors can cost you more grades than you think.

It is always important for students to write the entire paper (thesis or dissertation) according to the instructions and guidelines, given to them by the university. You can get assistance from the paper writing service experts if you think thesis writing is a challenging and difficult task for me. But keep in mind, writing a thesis or dissertation is neither difficult nor challenging. You only need to gain command of writing and formatting techniques.

Unfortunately, some formatting mistakes can be witnessed common that you can make even unintentionally. Hence, always make sure that you are aware of them. So that you would easily address them. In short, the commonly observed thesis formatting errors and how to address them are as follows.

1. Misidentification of Title Page and DAC

One of the most critical mistakes students sometimes make is taking Title Page and DAC as one. Keep in mind, Title Page and DAC (Dissertation Acceptance Certificate) are two different parts of a thesis paper. Hence, mixing them simply means making a mistake.

Sometimes, students fail to identify the significance of each of them. As a result, students are highly likely to go wrong. A survey finds that students sometimes forget to attach the DAC while some miss out including Title Page as they think that DAC is everything.

2. Improper practice with numerals and pagination

Page numbering is hugely important and even a chief consideration in a thesis or dissertation. However, some students do not even pay attention to it, which is disastrous. Most of the time, some universities specify the limit of “number of pages” which further the significance of page numbering. Hence, missing out to include page numbering is a principal mistake.

Keep in mind; Title Page and DAC should not be numbered; however, they can/cannot be counted in “page count” as per university guidelines.

3. The unfitting orientation of figures and tables

An important thing to ensure for the purpose to compose a masterful and top-quality paper (thesis or dissertation) is ensuring that every table and figure has a fit orientation. Sometimes, students hire an unprofessional thesis writer or a cheap essay writing service to get their paper written. However, it should be kept in mind that you must expect such mistakes from them. This means, do not put your work and grades at risk. Rather, ensure accuracy and perfection; otherwise, your work will cost you grades.

In short, always make sure that you have put all numerals and tables where they are needed and where they fit the most.

4. Too many passages

Sometimes, thesis papers can be seen containing too many passages with the improper transition of ideas and information they put. Specifically, exceeding the “no of passages” is one of the common thesis formatting mistakes. Include all your research and analyses within the specified word limit. To do it perfectly, try to break your thesis into several paragraphs and make each one shorter. So that you will make the work easily understandable.

Remember; professors mostly deduct more marks on making this mistake. Hence, try your best to avoid it. You can also ask someone to write my essay for me.

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