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No doubt that a writer is supposed to serve an essay that is engaging, persuasive, and informative. But other factors that involve essay writing can’t be ignored. Grammar is one of these important elements in essay writing. No doubt that grammar rules can occasionally be broken but academic and professional essays are supposed to be perfect in every sense. The sentence structure, grammar, and word choice; everything needs to be perfect in order to make a good impression on the readers.

You may think that common tense or grammatical errors are not even that big of a deal until and unless your essay is pleasing. But, that’s not always the case especially in professional writing as these kinds of mistakes can damage your credibility and can lessen the shine of the message you wanted to convey through your essay.

Common verb tense error

Here are some common mistakes that you would want to avoid to make your essay easier for the readers or you can ask an essay writing service to complete the task for you.

1. Inconsistency

This is the most common error which even a pro essay writer makes. While writing an essay you must keep in mind that your verb tenses are consistent. If you are telling about something that happened in the past then do not start using present or future tense anywhere and then lapse back to the past tense. You just can’t switch back and forth between different tenses.

2. Confusing the tenses

You may know that in addition to 3 main tenses; present, past, and future tense, there are also other tenses in the English language. For example, the present tense is further divided into present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous tense. As there is a very slight difference between these tenses, any writer can get confused.

3. Switching tenses

Yes! Sometimes you do need to change tense but you must avoid unnecessary tense shifts in formal writing. We often write in a way in which we speak so the chances of slipping are easy. If you are describing an event or any other thing that happened in the past then use past tense throughout the sentence.

4. Shifting the future tense

Okay so learning to stay consistent while using tenses is important but there are few rules that are different for future tenses. For example, if you have used the future tense of a verb in the first clause of your sentence, then apparently the subordinate clause should also be in the future tense but that won’t be the case here. Whenever you use the future tense of a verb in the first clause, you must use the present tense of the verb in the following or subordinate clause.

No doubt that tenses are hard to master and these errors explained above can be really hard to notice. But you need to make yourself well aware of all the rules related to tenses so you can avoid these kinds of mistakes in your writing.

If you are still confused and not confident enough about your verb tenses then you should definitely take help from professional writers instead of risking your grades. There are many websites on the internet that offer a paper writing service. You can ask them to provide you guidance or any kind of help you want with your paper.

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