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Does an essay writer want to make his writing more interesting and appealing?

Is there a lack of engagement on your content due to monotony?

You may be fully aware of what is a sentence and how to place it appropriately in the larger scheme of things. But if your sentence structure does not vary, it can result in a prose that is not rhythmic and does not keep the readers interested. If students do not introduce variety to their writing style, instructors fail to get the essence and do not get familiarized with a specific writing style. If someone is experiencing trouble with their writing style, solely on the basis of mistakes due to sentence structure, they must get hold of a write my paper service online. These services can solve the most complex academic problems and are always satisfactory. Millions of students across the world have vouched for such services and continue to take help from dedicated teams that comprise these services. They work with an aim to to process your write essay for me requests at affordable rates.

This article, however, is another step in the ladder towards perfecting the art of writing. Let’s look at some important concepts and ideas.

What is sentence structure?

The physical nature of any sentence is referred to as its structure. Different elements of a sentence and their organization only makes sense when they are presented in a logical order.

Here are some common facts which are associated with the conventionalities of sentence structure. If still worried about the writing process, just pay for essay now and get it done.

  • Every new sentence begins with a capital letter.
  • A sentence always ends with some kind of punctuation. It can be one of the following:
    1. Full-stop
    2. A comma
    3. An exclamation mark
    4. A question mark.
  • A sentence always has to contain a verb or a verb phrase
  • There should always be a complete idea in a sentence that is able to stand alone on its own. This is also known as an independent clause.

Some commonly used sentence structures have been explored in detail in this blog.

  1. 1. Simple Sentences

    What is it?

    It contains only one independent clause. The presence of a subject and a verb are imperative. There may also be modifiers. It must express a complete thought.


    • I like chamomile tea
    • Roberta did not go to the party
  2. 2. Compound Sentences

    What is it?

    Commonly, compound sentences express two or more thoughts that are joined together with the essay help of conjunctions or even a semi-colon. Students must ensure that different thoughts in a compound sentence must be able to exist as independent clauses.


    • My ex-supervisor and I spend long hours reviewing the literature because we want to present our gap analysis at the next annual general meeting.
    • Sarah and Jim studied APA guidelines for five days but still could not come up with any innovative suggestions
  3. 3. Complex Sentences

    What is it?

    These sentences consist of an independent clause along with a dependent clause.

    The order goes as follows;

    1. independent clause
    2. subordinating conjunction
    3. dependent clause


    • Our cat jumps into the sandcastle every time it is in the mood of playing
    • After George took the call of his grandmother, he hurried towards the hospital
  4. 4. Compound-Complex Sentences

    What is it?

    These sentences have two or more independent clauses and more than one dependent clause.

    Here’s what the order looks like:

    1. independent clause
    2. subordinating conjunction
    3. dependent clause
    4. coordinating conjunction
    5. independent clause


    • Cynthia left for the bank hurriedly in order to secure her transaction but she came back five minutes later on account of the lunch break.
    • I mostly prefer to watch science fiction movies, but last week I downloaded a spy thriller movie and enjoyed it thoroughly.

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