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Writing a thesis statement is the most crucial point of a research paper or an essay as it summarizes the whole claim. This is the time when you need to focus on perfection. The thesis statement of the paper is responsible for building the tone of the essay. It serves to reveal the purpose of the paper, e.g., if it is a compare and contrast, the thesis statement will tell the readers why the essay writer thinks one thing is better than the other.

Since a thesis statement is a short claim of one sentence, many students fail to write an effective statement that can summarize the essay’s main idea. In the effort of writing a perfect thesis statement, the students often make some mistakes that break their assignment instead of making it. Listed below are some mistakes that you should avoid while writing a thesis statement or you can ask others to write my paper.

The statement is wrongly placed in the essay

The most important thing to remember is the place of a thesis statement in the research paper. Remember, a thesis statement always comes at the resolution of the introduction section. If it is placed somewhere else, the instructor might feel that the essay does not contain any thesis statement.

Some students often write the thesis after the introduction part as a separate paragraph. But this is not the right way because a thesis statement is supposed to be a sentence and not a paragraph.

Too complexed statement

Sometimes students hand their assignments to online writers. These writers provide a cheap essay writing service and write complex papers, which a student might find attractive. But this is not the same as a thesis statement. A thesis statement should not be made complicated by adding lots of conjunctions and interjections. A complex statement can confuse the instructor and weaken the claim.

Vague thesis statement

One important rule of writing a thesis statement is to pen down a clear claim. A thesis statement often sounds vague when it is too lengthy. A complicated thesis statement can be incorporated into thesis writing, but it should be avoided in assignments and essays. While writing a thesis statement for an essay, use simple and straightforward language. A clear thesis statement helps to immediately grab the readers’ attention.

Extreme exaggeration

In an effort to write a strong thesis statement, students often lose control over their claims. After writing an exaggerated statement, the students often realize that their essay is not answering the claim. Refrain from adding details that cannot be fulfilled in the essay. Limit your claim to state a clear and effective purpose.

Purposeful statement

Avoid writing thesis statements that have no real purpose. Before writing the statement, think about how it is beneficial? What will the reader get out of this? Is the statement-making the paper informational? If you know the answers to these questions, you are on the right track but if not, you need to think again. Do not go for obvious thesis statements that evoke a “so what” response.

Irrelevant thesis statement

Make sure, your arguments go well with the thesis statement; otherwise, there is no benefit of writing it. Structure your arguments by keeping in mind the essay’s main idea. Your thoughts should revolve around your claim in order to write a coherent paper. If the supporting arguments are going against the thesis statement, your whole essay will be nothing more than a paper with scattered words.

It is not deniable that writing a thesis statement is a daunting task, but it can be made easy by keeping into consideration these mistakes. Before writing a statement, review the above-listed errors and try to avoid them. This way, you will be able to write an effective and engaging thesis statement. Lastly, you can try a write my essay service online and let their professional writers complete this task for you in no time.

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