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Are you one of those students who do not have very good grades and hoping that their college essay would breathe life into their admission application? Not everyone does well in academics. You can look around in your own class. Not all of the students are bright. And I Understand that is not their fault. But everyone has a unique personality and has something inspiring about themselves. Therefore, you should not worry, you are also unique from all the humans living on this planet. You can depict that in your essay and it will make your application stand out.

In this blog, I will share some tips that will help you get into your dream college by writing a stellar college essay. Therefore, Hang on, read it till the end.

  • Understand the prompt: Many of the students lose the race before it even starts. They do not really understand the prompt and therefore, whatever they write in their essay is irrelevant. You should read the prompt again and again and only move on to the next step if you have understood the prompt.
  • Brainstorm and take notes: You should know that the best ideas pop up in our minds when we least expect them. Therefore, I would suggest that after reading the prompt, you should keep thinking about it all the time. Any moment a mind-blowing idea would pop up in your mind. You should readily note it and gather some more similar points.
  • Choose an essay prompt: Most of the time you are given an option to choose a prompt of your own choice. In such cases, you need to brainstorm for prompts. Very soon, you would find an inspiring prompt that would tell your story and that is going to make a stark difference in your application.
  • Tell your story: The only thing that makes you unique is your life experiences. Therefore, you should not keep yourself from sharing them. The admission officer already knows a lot about you. In your essay, you should tell him what he does not know about you already.
  • Stop procrastinating, start now: Do not be like most of the students if you want your college essay to stand out. Stop procrastinating, there won’t be any good time to start your essay. Just put pen to paper now. Not right now, dude. After reading the blog.
  • Get some professional help: College essay is a matter of your future. You should not play with it. Therefore, if necessary you can always take some professional help. I remember, I asked my elder brother to write my essay for me. I want to tell you that I learned a lot from my brother’s help in writing my essay, as he made it so perfect and added all the relevant information that was necessary. I got an A grade in that essay, which motivated me to learn more from my brother.
  • Creating multiple drafts: If you have followed my advice and had begun early, you would have ample time to create multiple drafts. If you choose not to create multiple drafts, you can focus on one draft and spend your time making it perfect by editing and revising it.
  • Read it out loud: After completing your essay, you should read it out loud and find out how it sounds to your ears. Read it to your family or some friend and get their opinion. If the essay does not sound like music to your ears, it is not the final draft.
  • Edit and revise it: After creating an initial draft, you should read your essay over and over again. Find out mistakes in your essay and check the sentence structure. If a sentence does not fit a place, expunge it.
  • Proofread: Proofread your essay. You should make sure that there are no grammatical errors and the sentence structure is fine. These little mistakes could be the reason for a disappointing letter from the respective college.

Pro tip: Before you submit your college essay, get some professional help from an essay writing service for proofreading.

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