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As a new writer, you will find that you are not able to write well or that you get stuck and can't move forward. Maybe what you write is not what you had in mind. All of these things are normal.

In fact, a lot of experienced writers experience such stuff.

Now, why does this happen? Well, all of these essay writing problems stem from one single issue: the lack of pre-writing. You may ask, “what is pre-writing”?

Let me tell you. If you are still confused, ask others to write my essay for me.


As the word suggests, it is what you do before writing the essay itself. There are many pre-writing techniques that can help you write in an efficient manner.

These techniques make sure that you are able to form a sort of basic structure before you actually sit down to write your essay.

Now, this structure will guide you throughout your writing process.

These techniques include clustering, outlining, and free writing.

How can they help you? Let’s find out!


Clustering is when you think about the basic idea of your essay and look for words or terms associated with that idea.

Note down all these words on a piece of paper. They will all seem very random at first but will later start to make sense.

Now that you have the words, start clustering them. This means that you have to sort them into groups. Make clusters or hire a write my paper service to do it for you.

For example, if your main idea is that you can’t write an essay then your initial words will be “nervousness”, “anxiety”, “lack of ideas”, “no knowledge”, etc.


This is a genius strategy that can help you write an essay in no time. Just spend some time creating an outline and your essay is as good as done.

Lookup for a template of an outline and then follow it to a T.

You will have to do some research. An essay writer will have to think of his arguments and collect the evidence.

All of this will happen before you write. So, when you do write, you won’t be distracted by research.

All you will have to do is find the words.

Free Writing!

This one is the most fun technique so you will enjoy it loads. The name says it all really!

For free writing, you just need to grab a pen and paper and start writing.

What will you write? Whatever you want to. As long as it relates to the topic, of course.

You will keep on writing whatever gets in your head for quite some time. When you have exhausted your brain of all its ideas, you will pick the ones that matter.

Or, you can pick the ones that are the strongest. The choice is up to you.

Online Essay Writing!

Ok, so I am cheating. This is not a prewriting technique. But, this is something that can help you with your pre-writing. Or writing itself.

How? Well, the writers of such organizations are professionals. This means that you can learn a lot from them.

So, if you are out of ideas then have them give you some.

If you want an outline then have it written on any topic of your choice.

You will get the structure that you need to write your essay.

And if you are unsure about your skills then be sure of theirs. They can write you a full-fledged essay too.

Isn’t This A Great Idea?

I definitely think so. You can get all you need at whatever time that you want.

You can learn new techniques, spot your mistakes and get a chance to become a better writer

So, get in touch with an online essay writing service to change your life for the better.

Go on and explore new avenues.

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