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Classification essays are commonly assigned to high school and college students to evaluate the ability of students according to certain criteria. It can seem like a frightening prospect if you have not approached this type of essay before. But once you learn how to write this type of essay then you will realize that it is not only easy to write but also the best way to enhance your online essay writing and analytical skills. Dive into this article and learn tricks and tips you can use to write the best classification essay on any topic.

What is a Classification Essay?

Before you learn how to write my paper, you first need to know what classification essay is. The classification essay is a formal piece of writing aimed to showcase your skills in generalization and categorizing. You need to organize information into groups and be able to explain your reasoning. The first thing to keep in mind when writing classification is its structure. As a general rule, it comprises five paragraphs.


Do preliminary research as it will provide you with an idea of what to write about. As with any essay type, you start with your introduction. This identifies the subject you are going to categorize. State the purpose of your essay and the reason why you are categorizing these items. You can attract your reader's interest if you offer informative and descriptive details related to the topic. Close your introduction with a thesis statement and state a short explanation of the criteria for each of it. Remember! The thesis statement is the foundation of your classification essay; hence it should set certain expectations for your readers.

Body Paragraphs

This part of your essay will consist of three or more paragraphs. Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence. Each paragraph should contain different criteria. Start by explaining each category and discuss its weakness and strengths. Provide relevant examples. Based on your paragraph length, you can break it into a shorter one but make sure that you have a clear transition when moving to the next paragraph. You can also format your body paragraphs based on several categories. Don’t include too many categories as it will blur your essay classification. Be specific and to the point. You may also start your body paragraph with less familiar and most common approaches or from the least effective to the most effective approach. The important thing is to maintain a logical sequence.


This is the last part of your essay. Summarize all points clearly in the conclusion section. Mention the different approaches and types you have provided in your essay. You can also add a final comment, but make sure it's non-repetitive or brief.

The process of writing a classification essay can sometimes get very messy. Remember! you should start this as soon as possible if you don’t want any trouble in your writing process. Are you ready? You are! If not then also don’t worry, just place your “write my essay” request with a professional essay writing service and get a well-written essay according to your requirement.


Isn’t it difficult to get to this point? You went through a lot of writing essays and research. It is strange to know how many students skip this last step, which is much easier. Keep in mind! Don’t skip the revisions. At this stage, all you have is a rough draft. If you will not revise, then the risk of submitting a flawed and incomplete paper is great. You don’t want that after all this effort. The best way is to read the entire essay. If you feel that there is a gap in a logical sequence, then add more information. Clarify your message! Remove all overly complex and unnecessary phrases and words. Finally, proofread your essay. read every single sentence and word and make sure it is correct grammatically.

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