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Are you facing difficulty in citing direct and indirect quotes in APA format? If it is true then read this article to get an idea of how to cite direct and indirect quotes in your paper. There is a difference between direct and indirect quotes and a reliable ‘write my essay for me’ service knows about it.

A direct quote refers to a particular sentence, phrase, paragraph, or line of another author in your text while indirect quotes are about citing a work of an author whom you have not read yourself and obtained it from another author.

Generally, the APA format does not encourage you to use direct quotes but in case it is necessary to quote, there are guidelines for its proper citation in the text.

Students from university and college often get confused when it comes to citing direct and indirect quotes in their papers. They should learn the method of citation in APA format before writing to avoid any difficulty and mistakes. APA style essay writing service offers you a complete guide to use such quotes in a standard format to help you get high scores and do effective research. Therefore, students should follow these guidelines while doing in-text citations.

In-text citations in APA format include the author name and publication year in parenthesis. However, in the case of direct and indirect quotes, this pattern changes. Any cheapest essay writing service in APA style will provide complete instructions to follow in the formatting of the paper to avoid mistakes. While quoting the direct words of an author, you will have to provide his/her name, when the work was published and page numbers that were used in your paper.

This may change when there are more than three authors, citing the work of the same author several times and when the author name or date of publication of the work is missing. So, be cautious while doing in-text citations. Working with a paper writing service benefits you in that you do not have to worry about anything.

1- Direct quotes

Though APA format discourages the use of direct quotes yet in case you have to use one, it has a proper guideline for its citation. While citing a direct quote, give the author's last name, year of publication, and page number of the quote. For instance, (Smith, 2020, P.5). Moreover, if you have used more than one page, it will appear in the in-text citation (Smith, 2020, pp.34-45). However, when you use the author's name in the text, it appears in full and without parenthesis.

You can cite the same work in different ways. However, when the number of authors increases by more than two, cite the second name of the first author and use el al after that. When there are only two authors, always provide their names in the in-text citation. For instance, (Smith & Mckroskey, 2020, p.5) and for more than two authors (Smith et al., 2020, p.5).

Moreover, when the name of the author is unknown, use the title of the source instead. For instance, ("Introduction of Modern Transport for School Children," 2020, p.9). It can also be cited as contrary to traditional transportation methods, the article Introduction of Modern Transport for School Children (2020).

In addition to this, you may also use specific information from a source in your text. In this case, you may use figures, tables, charts, or equations in your text. Therefore, use the proper citation for them as well in an above-mentioned manner.

2- Indirect quotes

Indirect quotes refer to the citing of a work that you have read from a secondary source. This kind of work may appear in another work by another author. In this case use "as cited in" in the in-text citation. For instance, Smith maintains that ..(as cited in Johnson, 2020,p.7). However, your reference list at the end of the paper should include the source that you have read and not the primary source that you have cited in the text.

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