Chicago Paper Style - Easy Tips and Tricks

Academic citations and formatting are important to be accurately managed in the document. A perfectly written document with a poor arrangement of contents in the target format can ruin the quality and credibility of your work. Therefore, having a detailed understanding of referencing styles and how to manage them is critical for academic writing.

Working with academic citations can be a challenging task. Especially if an essay writer is new to academic writing. To ease this trouble, multiple online platforms provide their services in writing essays. You can always avail them to get your documents formatted professionally.

However, it is preferred to learn and develop formatting skills by yourself. Especially for students who have to deal a lot with academic writing, having a firm grip over citation styles is both convenient and time-saving. All it needs is a little practice and you can easily become fluent in formatting styles in no time.

In the following section, we have targeted one of the frequently used formatting styles, that is Chicago formatting. You will get to know some convenient tips and tricks using which you can format your document in Chicago style. The simple form of Chicago format is also named as Turabian style. The following guide is viable for both Chicago and Turabian format. In case you need help, ask others to write essay for me.

1) Font Formatting

The foremost thing in Chicago formatting is to ensure that the font style is standard Times New Roman in size 12. One-inch regular margins are applied on both sides. The content of the document is also double spaced.

2) Title Page

Like MLA, Chicago formatting doesn’t require a title or cover page. However, you can always add it using the guidelines provided by the Turabian format. For the title page, all the content is aligned center and double-spaced. The title is added after leaving space to 1/3 of the page. By 2/3 of the distance from the top, the name of the author is added. Whereas, the bottom part includes the course title, Instructor’s name followed by the date. The header for the title page is left blank.

3) Header

The header is absent on the title page. The rest of the document includes the page number and the last name of the author as the header of the document. These contents are placed on the top-right corner of the page.

4) Title and Headings

The title is aligned, centered and placed on the top of the content. The first letter of each word in the title is capitalized. The title for the Chicago format can be slightly bigger in form compared to sub-headings. The first-level headings are bold and aligned left. All the second and third-level headings are italicized and aligned left.

5) In-Text Citations

In Chicago referencing, in-text citations appear as footnotes or endnotes. In the content, they can be referred to as superscript numerals. A small dash at the bottom of the page separates the content from the footnotes where the citation is added. Managing footnotes manually is a big hassle. It is better to use citation software instead. For example, when I write my paper, I take help from citation software like Zotero to manage my citations. Using software to add your citations, keeps them organized and a bibliography can also be automatically generated at the end.

6) Indents

For every first line of the paragraph, a half-inch indent is added on the left. You can automatically add indents to your paragraph by pressing the tab button. For the bibliographical references, hanging indents are used which can be added by selecting the text and pressing Ctrl+T.

7) Bibliography

A detailed bibliography is placed at the bottom of your work. Bibliography in Chicago styled documents is not double-spaced. Each bibliography is separated by a blank line. Hanging indents are used for bibliographic referencing.

And here we end these simple tips and tricks which you can use for Chicago formatting. We hope you have learned some necessary basics to start formatting your document in Chicago style. Still confused? Consult a paper writing service now. Happy formatting.

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