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Teenage pregnancy has been on a surge in recent times. It is defined as the pregnancy that occurs before the pregnant girl hits the age of 20 years. The topic of teenage pregnancy has become very popular and relevant as it has increased a lot in the developed countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Many students using write my essay for me services present this as their topic of choice due to its widespread use in modern society.

Teenage pregnancy has come under scrutiny also because it not only affects the mother but also has adverse effects on the well-being of the child. To write a cause and effect essay on this topic we need to highlight both the causes of the increased rates of teenage pregnancy and the effects it has on the mother, family, and child.

This blog will shed light on several causes and effects which will help students to write the essay. You can also get help from a professional essay writer by contacting a paper writing service online.

Causes of the teenage pregnancy

Many factors play an important role in the increased chances of a teenage girl getting pregnant. Some of these are listed below. Read it to understand the concept better otherwise you can also get from an essay writing service online.

Lack of parents’ affection and supervision

Many girls that end up getting pregnant in teenage are often those suffering from the absence or lack of affection, supervision, and guidance from parents and family.

A lack of an affectionate household leads them to find emotional support outside the family. Improper guidance and supervision result in them getting pregnant as they are unaware of the risks of teenage pregnancy and sex-related issues.

Peer pressure

In recent times, students get involved in sexual relationships at a very early age. Not only this but they also glamourize their relationships. Those without such relationships are looked down upon. This creates enormous pressure on all and they rush in getting involved in sexual activities.

Nevertheless, many girls do not have enough sex ed. These rushed relationships and lack of knowledge result in teenagers getting pregnant.

Rape and sexual harassment

The worst part of teenage pregnancies is the forced ones that result from rapes. These not only are hazardous for mother and child healths but also an open violation of human rights and an open criminal offense

Effects of teenage pregnancy

Effect on mother’s health

Early pregnancy has been associated with high risks of birth-related issues including maternal and infant death and cervical cancer. Not only this but such a sexual relationship can lead to STDs and deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS etc.

Premature birth, placenta previa, hypertension, and anemia are also some medical complications that arise from early pregnancies.

Emotional trauma for mother

Early pregnancy is not only physically exhausting for the young mother but also exhausting her and her family emotionally. Many fathers also leave the mothers to be when they get to know about the pregnancy from the fear of society and responsibility.

The families also feel ashamed of the girl and force her for abortion sometimes due to cultural values and other times due to societal customs. This adds up to the emotional dilemma of the pregnant girl.

Effects on the child

Teenage pregnancy is not only dangerous for the mother but also has hazardous effects on the child. The child is at increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome, fetal distress, and premature birth.

Moreover, after the births, the young mothers are sometimes not capable enough of taking care of the child effectively. Such babies are reported to have a higher risk of acute infections, social neglect, and inadequate provision of necessities. Parenting immaturity, deprived family affiliation, and poverty also have negative effects on the physical and psychological position of the child.

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