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Critical essay, for most of the students, is all about reflecting on the flaws of the given subject such as movie, writing essays, academic paper, prose, drama, an artistic piece, etc. Sometimes, you are given an open choice by your professor to write a critical essay on any subject or topic. And, you find yourself at odds with ‘pick and choose’ the topic, for you have an endless list of subjects to write a critical essay on.

Albeit, it sounds simple to pick and choose the topic of your choice. However, students often get confused while picking a topic. The reason is that they will go for something fancy but feel trapped immediately after picking the topic; they might as well lose their interest in the topic. You can always ask a service to process your write my paper requests.

And, what I’m here for is to help you with choosing appropriate topics for your critical essay. Below is a list of critical essay topics from which an essay writer can choose and write a healthy positive critique for the audience.

I’m sure all these topics will potentially get you state-of-the-art ideas for your critical online essay writing.

  1. Write a review of George Orwell’s essay “The Animal Farm”.
  2. Justify your position on the third wave of feminism.
  3. Gender is a social construct more than a biological construct.
  4. Gender equality is a myth.
  5. I may disagree with what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say.
  6. Give a critique on the impacts of social media.
  7. Cyberbullying affects mental health.
  8. Employee turnover rate and job satisfaction are proportional to each other.
  9. The effect of globalization on public policy.
  10. Critical analysis of the UN’s role in achieving SDGs.
  11. Islam does not pose any threat to western culture, but far-right extremism.
  12. Write a critical analysis of the phrase “God does play dice with the universe”.
  13. Is globalization a modern form of colonialism?
  14. E-voting is more vulnerable than conventional balloting.
  15. Write your analysis of the contemporary laws for cyber theft and anonymity.
  16. The machine always relies on a human, no matter how smart it is.
  17. Education should be free, as it is one of the basic rights of humans as per the UN charter
  18. Analyze how children's education has changed over time.
  19. Do you think life is a puzzle?
  20. E-books can never replace printed books. Record your analysis.
  21. Write a critical review of Karl Marx’s idea of socialism.
  22. Has technology made our life easy, or it has rendered us lazy?
  23. Where do you see yourself in the next 10,15 years given your strengths and flaws?
  24. Fascism was the only cause of the second world war. How far would you agree with the statement?
  25. Overuse of technology has a negative impact on human cognitive development.
  26. Critically review the explanation put forward by Machiavelli on “Ends justifies the means”.
  27. What is your point of view on ex-convicts re-entering society again?
  28. Should abortion be legalized or not?
  29. Racism still exists in its entirety and Martin Luther King could only end segregation laws.
  30. Unipolarity is fading away, and the international political structure is moving towards multipolarity again.
  31. Contribution of politics to nature. Give your analysis.
  32. What is the biggest issue: nuclear proliferation, or poverty alleviation?
  33. Not politics but economics is the key to success. How far would you agree or disagree with the statement?
  34. Is economic liberalism better than economic nationalism?
  35. Is society on the move to becoming narcissistic?

The above-mentioned topics cover a broad range of subjects and concepts. However, you may also contact an online ‘write my essay’ service to provide you some sample topics for practice.

Good Luck and have fun with your critiquing.

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