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Every doctoral degree scholar aims to write the best dissertation to get a PhD degree. But writing this type of assignment is not that easy. Complexities come in the way of writing a dissertation or a thesis. Scholars find it difficult to write their dissertations without taking expert assistance because this type of writing requires ample knowledge, time, extensive research resources, and experience.

Just like all other things in life a great dissertation requires great research and dedication. If you add up both you can get a dissertation that is appreciated by all. Along with these perfect writing skills are also needed.

Although we all know that a great dissertation requires proper time for every part. I will tell how you can break your dissertation down into chapters.

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The number of chapters would vary from one university to another university. However, in most of the universities, PhD candidates are required to write up to 80,000 words. It would be spread over around 235 pages of the thesis content plus 12 pages of the front pages including:

  • Abstract
  • Declaration by author
  • Publication during candidature—publication included in this thesis
  • Contributions by others to the thesis—statement of parts of the thesis
  • Submitted to qualify for the award of another degree
  • Acknowledgments
  • Keywords
  • Table of contents
  • list of figures and tables
  • List of abbreviations used in the thesis
  • Table of contents

Chapter 1: Contextualising the Study/Introduction (17 pages)

Chapter 2: Literature Review on Major Issue 1 and/or Theoretical Perspectives (15 pages)

Chapter 3: Literature Review on Major Issue 2 and/or Theoretical Perspectives (16 pages)

Chapter 4: Methodology / Research Design (48 pages)

Chapter 5: Analysis of Emerging Theme 1 (28 pages)

Chapter 6: Analysis of Emerging Theme 2 (34 pages)

Chapter 7: Analysis of Emerging Theme 3 (25 pages)

Chapter 8: Discussions, Implications, and Conclusion (20 pages)

References (27 pages)

Appendices (5 pages)

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Most universities have formatting requirements for PhD dissertations that impose a lower bound on the number of pages. For example, you might need a title page, a copyright page, a signature page for our committee, an abstract, a table of contents, a list of figures, and a bibliography.

The upper bound depends only on the patience of your committee. I have certainly seen theses that ran for several thousand pages, mostly containing lots and lots of raw experimental/observational data.

In the end, your thesis should be long enough to describe your research in sufficient detail to convince your audience (and, in particular, to satisfy your committee), and no longer.

In addition, universities have a word limit, and for UK universities that currently range from 70,000 to 90,000. The actual word count varies hugely by discipline with word-intense disciplines like English using up the full count, while areas of science and maths often don’t even get to 50% of the maximum.

The quickest way for you to work out what the expected length is within your discipline is to look at five recently submitted theses in your department. Count the words on a page and estimate the number of complete pages of text. This will show you the expected norm for your discipline.

Dissertation writing is a tough task and you will have to deal with a number of revisions while being reviewed by the committee.

You are allowed to hate your advisor and your committee members, especially when dealing with revisions.

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