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In any piece of writing, a factor that must complement your logical arguments is the structure of your dissertation. This combination must be ensured for an effective piece of writing. Word count is like a map of any dissertation, on which your further design. There is no universal thumb rule for breaking down the dissertation because it varies. Often the breakdown criteria of the universities and subjects are different. Due to this non-uniformity, often supervisors provide a template of the dissertation, before your dissertation writing where the complete detail and structure are outlined.

This breakdown of word count might be an issue for you if you are a beginner but this is a normal routine activity for an essay writer because this is a routine activity for them.

The first step in dissertation writing is to write an introductory section which would be like a bird’s eye view. Normally the introduction is ten percent of the total word count. So, for a 10000-word dissertation, the introduction should be of more or less one thousand words. In the introduction, you are supposed to define your research topic and then state your query that would lead you towards your research question. The introduction is primarily about stating the objective and purpose of your dissertation.

In any dissertation, the literature review is of prime importance because this is the stage where you will point out the issues or gaps in the existing literature. Normally 30 percent of the dissertation is a literature review. Here you will quote different works that are already published. You will not just jot down their arguments but you are supposed to find out those aspects that are not addressed earlier.

In any dissertation, research methodology weighs around fifteen percent of the total word count. In a ten-thousand-word dissertation, the research methodology should be around fifteen hundred words. This quota of 15% should be used to describe the style and structure of the dissertation. You are supposed to provide complete detail of research methods and the analysis of data.

Results and findings of any dissertation are the answers to research questions and normally they weigh 5 percent word count. In this section, students need to provide results, based on the orientation of gathered data. Research is not about gathering data but about in-depth analysis. With the help of a paper writing service, you will easily complete your assignment on time.

The discussion or analysis section is one of the most weighted sections in a dissertation, as it carries thirty percent of the total word count. Here you will be focusing on the implications of the results that you have already found out. The main theme or the research question should be linked to the results most of the time in this section.

The concluding section of any dissertation or essay is the conclusion section. This section has the same weightage just like the introduction i.e. ten percent of the total word count. This is the summarization of the entire dissertation and normally this is the repetition of the idea in the introduction. Repetition is of idea and not of words, so use your creativity to write a convincing and effective conclusion. This section should be written in such a way that a clear understanding of the argument of body paragraphs is manifested.

References are not the part of dissertation word count but this does not mean that you skip or avoid this section. There is no defined limit on adding the number of references as it depends on the literature used in the dissertation. Adding references in the dissertation would authenticate your hypothesis.

If you can divide the word count in this way, then your dissertation would be a treat to read but still, if you have issues then you don't have to worry because an essay writing service is available for your help. All you need to do is to stay committed and the hurdles would be removed with more and more practice. You can also ask someone to write my essay for me if you get stuck.

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