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A student has to come across many activities during the different classes. Most of these activities are undertaken only once in the whole education tenure. However, there are some activities which are not only repeated many times but also present ample room for improvement for the students. Writing is an activity that can be improved through different actions. In the following lines, we will take a look at some writing skills which can be adopted to improve essay grades or you can ask others to write essay for me.


The essay writer should keep this as the major skill because it will help in almost all the parts of the essay. Starting with the outline of the essay, this skill will help them to write the points in a way that does not use too many words but describes the phenomenon completely. This skill can be mastered by outlining the whole essay before you can start writing the final version. You can get writing help free from an online essay writing service to get an essay outline.

This skill will help the writer while writing down the thesis statement. A short but complete thesis statement will keep the readers interested. Similarly, this skill should be implemented while writing the topic sentences for all the body paragraphs.

Critical analysis

This is another important skill which has to be improved among the students to improve their essay grades. Traditionally, this refers to pointing out all the negative aspects of any given topic or aspect. However, a proper critical analysis should show both sides of the picture. The positive and negative elements of the phenomenon should be analyzed by the essay writer to complete the critical analysis. Another important aspect related to this is that the essay should not take the form of an opinion. Any point whether positive or negative should be backed by proper evidence.

Structure of the essay

The structure of the essay plays an important role in determining the grade of the writer. The students should have clear knowledge about the audience of the essay which is generally their instructor or the teacher. This structure of the essay should take the reader from start to end without taking too many turns. The outlining process undertaken before starting the essay may help the writer in keeping a desired structure of the essay. It is also recommended that the students read their essays, again and again, to make sure that they are on the same track.

Improve the vocabulary

This is another very important skill for the students to work on. Improving vocabulary does not mean using difficult words that are unknown to the majority. This aspect includes the usage of formal language that allows the readers to understand the content. The readers will also feel that they are reading some academic content at hand. There are three major word groups. The words you know, the words known to a majority, and the words that no one knows. Your essay should contain the words known to an ample majority. In case you need help, ask an essay writing service to assist you professionally.

Learn to research

The research process involves finding reliable and relevant resources for the topic. It is an important skill for the student to pick the most appropriate resources for the essay. The other important aspect related to the research is to use the appropriate method of referencing. You cannot use the material produced by someone else without giving them due credit to the original author. Improving referencing skills will help the author in improving the essay grades. The referencing will also let the readers know about the currency of sources used. As a general rule, the author should not use any source that is more than three years old.

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