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A persuasive essay is a type of essay which tries to convince the readers to accept his opinions or ideas. In this type of essay, the essay writer presents his ideas and arguments and supports them with evidence. It is also termed an argumentative essay. The writer uses persuasive techniques to convince the readers of his logical arguments and ideas.

A student can ask a writing company or a professional writer to write my essay for me. If you are writing your persuasive essay you must be aware of the writing techniques. Some of the best writing techniques from a top essay writing service are here to help you develop a high-notch persuasive essay.


The first step in writing is to choose a contradictory topic to write an essay. Pick such topic one in which multiple points of view of people exist. The author should select such a topic in which he is interested. Select a specific and unique topic to write an essay. After selecting a topic the next step is to choose your stance on which you want to work. Develop arguments and ideas on the position of the topic you are supporting. It will provide a chance to connect the readers with your ideas. Support your arguments and ideas with evidence and facts. The strongest argument should be present in the end to let the reader rid of any doubts.


The title of the persuasive essay will be like a question like abortion should be legalized or not? The title should be interesting to attract the attention of the readers. Students can start their essay with an anecdote, quotation, or joke just to attract the readers.

Persuasive Techniques

Students need to add some persuasive techniques to the essay to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness. Repetition plays an important role in persuasion. If you want to convince the readers on a certain point you can repeatedly use that knowledge in a variety of ways. It will leave some impact on the reader's mind. Storytelling is also an important persuasive technique, the reader will understand the things if you explain them in the form of a story. Your essay should deal with dissent as well to make the readers agree with your viewpoint.


Before writing, draft the structure of the essay. The structure of the persuasive essay is not different from other essays. The essay generally consists of 5 paragraphs. The first paragraph is the introduction of the topic or issue. You should add some background about the topic in this paragraph. The introduction should end with the thesis statement which is a claim which the writer makes in the essay. 2nd, 3rd and 4th paragraphs are the body paragraphs are which arguments are discussed with the supporting evidence. You can add a paragraph of counterargument as well to make your arguments more rationale and convincing. Be aware of both supporting and opposing arguments of your topic. Discussing the opposing arguments increase your power to convince the readers of your arguments increase. End your essay with a concise and clear conclusion.

Polish Up

Once you have completed your essay polish it with proofreading and editing. Make sure that your essay is properly organized. Ensure that your arguments are connecting with the target audiences. Check your essay step by step to make it perfect. Check grammar and spelling mistakes. Your controversial and effective arguments need to be supported by the evidence and the facts. You can ask your friend and family as well to proofread it for you. You can hire a paper writing service for professional proofreading services. Make sure that you have followed all the important steps and structure of the essay to result in a high-notch paper.

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