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You must have heard of transition sentences but have you heard of transition words? Because they exist and they can be very helpful in essay writing.

Don’t believe me? Well, that’s ok. Because I can convince you.

But first, an essay writer needs to know what a transition word is.

Transition Words

Much like transition sentences, transition words can be used to jump from one point to the other without making it seem awkward and weird.

The difference is that transition sentences are usually used to jump between paragraphs but transition words are used to get from one point to the other even if it is in the same paragraph. If you are still confused, ask others to write my essay for me.

There You Have It!

Now, that you know the importance of these words, I can tell you how to use them. Here is a list of some transition words for essays that can help you a lot. Only if you will have a good look at them.

I have divided them into categories for you or hire a write my paper service to do it for you.

Category #1: The Similarity Category

The transition words of this category are used to express similarity to something. Or they can be used to express some agreement.

These are the most common transition words used in essays

Examples: moreover, likewise, equally, identically, similarly, also, then, furthermore, additionally, as well as, correspondingly, coupled with, not to mention, again, in the same fashion, etc.

Category #2: The Opposition Category

As the name suggests, this category is opposite to that of the first one. Transition words from this category are used to imply contrast or a divergence of opinion.

They can also suggest that there is an alternative approach to the matter at hand.

Examples: in contrast, on the contrary, in spite of, even so, though, instead, although, whereas, otherwise, rather, however, nevertheless, notwithstanding, etc.

Category #3: The Condition Category

If you want to represent a very specific condition or any other such intention then these conditional transition words can be used. In fact, they are used a lot in essays.

Examples: if, unless, then, due to, in order to, in view of, because of, while, whenever, owing to, lest, since, as, etc.

Category #4: The Support Category

These transition words are mostly used in support while writing essays. In most cases, they are used to provide evidence in a supporting argument.

As this happens in most essays, these words are quite popular.

Examples: including, like, notably, for example, in fact, in general, in particular, for instance, to emphasize, to demonstrate, etc.

Category #5: The Consequence Category

The words of this category are used to show the effect of something. They target the consequences of an action.

Examples: as a result, in that case, under these circumstances, consequence, therefore, henceforth, accordingly, thereupon, forthwith, thus, then, hence, in effect, for, for this reason, etc.

Category #6: The Conclusion Category

Now, these words are only used in the concluding paragraph of an essay or paper. Nowhere else.

You see these words signal that the end is approaching and that the writer is making their final statement. So, naturally, they are used in the conclusion.

Examples: in conclusion, in summary, in either case, in any event, in the long run, in brief, all in all, ultimately, altogether, in essence, to summarize, etc.

Note: Only the most important categories are listed here.

There You Have It!

Hopefully, this will help. If not then you should definitely approach professionals. Which professionals? Well, you can contact an essay writing service.

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