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An essay is a type of paper that is written to describe or conclude a specific topic. An essay can be of different types each written to fulfill a specific purpose. These types include confrontational essays, expository essays, and descriptive essays. Each type of writing is composed of different steps. If we talk about the contentious essay, then we know that these essays are based on the opinions that have been gathered from other people. On the other hand, a descriptive essay will only be used when there is a need of highlighting any particular topic. This type of essay writing provides students with an opportunity to express their thoughts regarding a certain topic.

Writing is a skill that is required in many fields nowadays. Specifically, if we talk about essay writing, it requires a high amount of talent and skills. The efficiency of a writing piece depends upon the writing style of the author. If the writing style is impressive then it can prove to be quite beneficial to attract many readers to the document. But if the writing style is not impressive then the readers will not be attracted to reading the document. So, it is a must that the writing style of the writer should be perfect. You can also get help from your friends or seniors by asking them to write my paper.

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Suggested Topics

The writing style of the essay writer must be impressive to compose a document of the highest quality. But it is not the only requirement to make a document attractive. The topic of the paper is of great significance because if the topic is fascinating then a lot of readers would be attracted to the document. Essays are usually lengthy documents and if the topic is boring then there is a possibility that most readers would not be interested in reading them. Specifically, an argumentative essay is a kind of essay which provides the readers with both the constructive and destructive aspects of a particular topic. It is of high importance that the topic must be selected from the list of best argumentative essay topics. The list contains some trending topics that can be used as a subject of your essay. The following is the list that is composed of the best topics.

  • US Presidential Elections
  • Free access to higher education.
  • Right to abortion.
  • Causes of Racism.
  • Effectiveness of COVID 19 Vaccine.

These are the topics that should be chosen by the writer to create an essay of fine quality.

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