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When you construct a building, you always need to build its basic structure first in order to erect the building, house, etc. Everything has a base on which it stands. Similarly, in the world of academic writing, when you write a research paper or an essay or a report, you always need to build its structure first and that structure is called an outline. This structure must serve as a stable foundation for your work. An outline is a structure that provides firmness to your writing piece. Moreover, you will always need a format to write your research paper such as MLA, etc. without a format your paper will be pointless.

MLA stands for Modern Language Association; it was developed for researchers, scholars, and students to use a proper way to format their essays, research papers, etc. It has 8 editions and the latest one was released in April 2016. MLA formatting basics are 1-inch margins from top to bottom and right to left. The first word should be indented in each paragraph on and a half inch. Use New Times Roman font, font size 12, double-space the entire paper, and also the page with references. Leave one space after punctuation marks such as period and other marks.

Now that we have the information on MLA format, let’s begin to understand how research papers outline work? There will be three basic components of a research paper; an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your outline will include three major sections like an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Either develop an essay on your own or avail essay writing service you should have a strong topic, a universal fact, problem, or a claim to build your argument on.

You will make notes before writing your research paper by creating an outline. You will note down points for the introduction of your topic. After the introduction, you will briefly make pointers for the background of your topic. After background comes the most important part of a research paper around which the entire paper revolves around the thesis statement. You can also take professional help from the paper writing service.

The thesis statement is the main idea of your entire essay; it’s the summary of your entire paper in three lines minimum. Prior to writing your research paper, developing your thesis statement is very helpful as it will save most of your time and you will have the main idea of how you are going to build your essay.

In body paragraphs, an essay writer will create topic sentences that also work as a thesis statement and indicate what the entire body paragraph is about. You will brainstorm and organize your ideas and arguments in body paragraphs. It is very important to collect evidence and organize your arguments to support your paper. Arrange all the material in subgroups from general to specific. Your evidence must be based on solid and authentic sources to engage the readers. If your evidence will not be qualitative your paper will not stimulate the interest of your reader. Your paragraphs will be a minimum of 3 or more, in your outline when you jot down your main ideas it will help you construct 75% of your paper. Later you will only have to fill in the information and elaborate your points.

In conclusion, you will reiterate your thesis statement and summarize your ideas; you can also discuss the result and findings of your research and provide suggestions to your readers. You can also provide a loose end sentence at the end or a question to let your readers either continue your research or source it for their papers.

Sometimes, to restrain from the hassles of mistakes and difficulties students ask either scholarly people or essay writing services to 'write my essay for me'. But with these outlining tips, it will be easier for you to write a research paper.

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