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A debate is a formal contest in which two sides present their opposing views and arguments. Each side is given a specific time to present their viewpoints. Each side either argues in favor of the topic or against it. The team favoring it is commonly called proposition or affirmative while the opposing team is called rebuttal which rebuts the arguments presented by the proposition.

Debating may seem intimidating but it consists of skills that can be learned by anybody. But to be proficient at this a speech or essay writer needs to learn some debate tips and tricks which can help them in becoming an excellent debater. These tips and tricks can be proved incredibly valuable for you to master the art of debating. But do remember it is not something that you can do overnight. It is something that you learn with practice and experience.

Here are some of the tips that can help you in improving your debating skills:

  1. 1. Be pre-prepared
  2. This is the most important part which can have an impact on your overall debate. You need to prepare your material and content after thorough research on the topic you are going to talk about. Because you need to have enough information and insight into the topic of your debate so that you can present and support your arguments with full confidence. Being well prepared makes you appear more confident and convincing. You can write down counter-arguments while preparation along with the arguments you are going to present. This tip can help in anticipating the arguments of the opposing team and you can be prepared to rebut them in a better manner.

  3. 2. Be clear and concise
  4. In a debate, you are given a very limited amount of time to present your arguments therefore you need to build your case as strongly as possible. You should be clear while presenting your arguments as it will allow the judge and the audience to understand easily what you are trying to convey and will build your connection with them. You should have an organized structure of arguments that you will be presenting. This will enable you to present a clear and cohesive illustration of your arguments. Instead of trying to cover a vast amount of information or a present a large number of arguments keep it concise and relevant.

  5. 3. Observe good debaters
  6. Watching videos of good speakers can help you understand the main points you need to take care of. Observe how they modulate their voice to stress particular parts of their debates which are relatively either more significant or provide good counterpoints against the opposite party. Body language is another important thing in debate. Watch different videos and notice how the debate winners carry out their body language while presenting their speech. Observe their hand movements, eye expressions, etc. and focus on ways in which your body language can be improved.

  7. 4. Practice more frequently
  8. The practice is the most important thing as it allows you to improve your debate. You cannot rely only on the written content, you should go through your speech several times before performing it in front of the judges or audience. You can record yourself on camera while rehearsing your speech for debate and then analyze it. Observe your own voice, body language, and content of your speech. This is a great way to correct the flaws in your speech and make improvements where needed.

In conclusion, if you focus on these things and really work on it you can improve a lot and become a really great debater. The main thing is just staying consistent and practicing a lot and eventually, you’ll get there.

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