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Essay writing is not everyone’s favorite activity. But you still have to do it to pass your courses at any educational level. I know the amount of burden that is placed on college students and essays are some of the worst forms of torture concocted by universities.

And as if normal essays aren’t bad enough, students like you are forced to write compare and contrast essays that discuss not one but two different topics.

Now, I know it's hard to think of one topic, and coming up with two seems almost impossible. This is why I am here to give you some compare and contrast essay topics that you can work with. Just choose one of these topics and get going.

An essay writer will have no problem writing an essay for the topics I suggest so let’s begin.

Topic 1: Remote Learning vs. Traditional Schooling

Now, this is a topic that looks seriously attractive, especially nowadays when remote learning has increased so much.

This topic is also a very easy one as almost all of us have gone through both remote learning and traditional schooling due to the pandemic.

You will not need to do a lot of research on this topic. Instead, just open up a Word document and note down the pros and cons of both approaches.

Don’t think too much about it, just focus on your experience and you will get a few points worth discussing.

Let me give you an example. You can talk about how traditional schooling is better as it offers a proper study environment while remote learning is rather informal.

Topic 2: College vs. High School

Another topic that is easy and fun. All you need to do is talk about your own experience at both college and high school.

Yet, again, open up a Word document and get started. The points will come to you on your own.

You don’t have to worry about getting the essay “wrong” as most of it will be based on your own thoughts.

If you need to use sources then simply search for researchers that support your ideas.

For example, you can cite a study saying that college is better than high school because of the lack of social pressures.

Topic 3: Books vs. Movies

Now, this is a topic that will interest you. Nowadays, almost every movie is based on some book. Many people prefer books while others think that watching a movie is so much better.

Here you can discuss how the experience of watching a movie is similar and/or different from reading a book.

You will need to do a bit of searching if you are not a reader yourself, but the movie portion of the essay should be easy enough.

Topic 4: Working as a Freelancer vs. Working in Office.

Okay, so you probably don’t have any experience with this one. That’s alright because this gives you a great opportunity to polish your research skills.

You will need to search online and look for feedback from freelancers. Or, if you know someone who is one then just ask them.

As for office goers, most of us know people who go to offices so that shouldn’t be a big problem for you.

Just note down what these people tell you and you will have no problem constructing an essay.

Well there, you have it!

These four topics should help you easily construct a compare and contrast essay. I have chosen simple topics for struggling students like you.

Just pick one of these topics and start thinking. You will come with great points in no time at all.

And if not, just ask an essay writing service to write your essay for you. I’m sure they will have many topics at hand. Good luck!

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