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As a student or an essay writer, the most important aspect of writing any assignment is the availability of relevant resources. The quality and quantity of references is also a telling issue. There are various tools to generate references for any assignment.

For many students, reference formats can be quite confusing, given the similarity in some of the styles. As a student, I too faced the same difficulty when I had to write my essay for me. But, you do not have to worry a lot if you don’t understand these styles. There is a huge amount of data available online.

Many students employ the services of online writing service providers. In this case, the price of an essay is also a considerable issue. You have to think of how much you will have to pay for an essay. Here, the quality of the service provided also matters, as you will have to pay for it. But, if you choose to do it yourself, then this article is for you or you can ask others to write my paper.

This platform will allow you to add references to the research work and check it at the same time. This platform allows you to submit your work on time. There are different formats to use in a research paper and this platform allows the creation of citations in all formats. Since different fields require different styles, this platform works well with the researchers.


This is a program that can be used on desktop and web to manage and share research papers. The major advantage of this tool is the cloud-based service, which enables you to add notes from any computer that is connected to the internet. The citation manager will save you a lot of time by generating references. The documents can be stored and organized according to their subjects. However, the application cannot be synchronized to other devices so the data cannot be accessed from them.


The best feature of this platform is the possibility of copying the reference from the database and pasting it into a Word document. There is another option to download the journal and other citations in endnote format. Several formats are supported by the platform, allowing the researchers to reference the material as they want. The major drawback of this platform is its higher pricing.


The best feature of this platform is the possibility of downloading an add-on in the web browser. The platform also allows saving the paper while reading from any website. There are various tags and labels which can be easily retrieved while working on other projects. Some new features have been added, including drag and drop or changing the order of the downloaded papers. Another important feature is the ability to search the database with the help of a keyword. This feature is especially useful for tracking the primary sources used by various researchers. There are many helpful options to search the titles or the whole document. The software also provides an opportunity to organize searches based on the project or group. The availability of a Chrome plugin makes it very easy to save manuscripts or papers.

Researchers can easily form groups and invite team members to join them. References can be saved properly and in-text citations can also be created in all citation styles. The biggest advantage of this platform is the possibility of adding the icon to Microsoft word. Researchers do not have to worry about licensing issues of the platform. The size of the downloaded file is small, so it will not slow the computer down.

This platform allows the researchers to reference the whole research project easily. The best feature of this platform is that you can create an account for free and save the references created on the website. Another positive aspect is that the researcher has to put the address of the material to be cited and a perfect citation is created. The negative aspect is the number of hidden charges which have to be paid while using the site. The website does not function well several times, which creates problems for the researchers.

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