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Essay writing is a reality and you cannot run away from it. Sounds dramatic but it is true. You have to make sure that you become an expert writer so that each time you face an essay, it would not be so daunting. Yes, there are some rules that you must follow and planning is one of the paramount parts of a successfully written essay. Here are some guidelines for an essay writer on how to plan properly.

Planning and Structuring

  • First, you must learn exactly what the essay prompt is demanding from you. Inconsistencies in knowledge would be depicted right throughout the essay. Read carefully. The type of essay, topic, and any other details in the prompt would be helpful.
  • The second step is research. Whatever topic it is, maybe you would have to find out a detailed account of the subject. Even in narrative essays, you would have to delve into your mind and take out the past events and ideas or maybe the future prospects. You might be thinking, with all these rules, wouldn't it be easy if someone just ‘ write my essay for me free’. Well, professional writing services do provide essay writing facilities so get in touch with them. After you have researched and recollected, it is time to note down the major points which you would use to write the document.
  • The points would then be converted into a logical order according to the type of essay. If the essay does not state, you could make up your own mind regarding what best strategy would be applied i.e. it could be chronological or something else.
  • Right about now, you must start thinking about your thesis statement. Although many would leave it till a later stage, it is best to have rough estimates regarding what would be the essay’s main claims. These would eventually form the thesis statement.
  • Now comes the first step in structuring the essay. That is called building an outline. It is like the roadmap which you follow to reach your destination. You have to remember that even though there would be no headings in your essay but still each part would be well-defined. There would be an introduction, body paragraphs, and finally a conclusion. An outline can have these headings to make sure you easily remember each part. Within each heading, you will note down hints of what you would be writing in the final draft along with the examples and details. The best thing about outlines is that you can easily modify these without making any drastic changes and ruining the structure of an essay.
  • Now it is time to write your essay according to the structure you have created in the outline. Start with a hook statement that would draw the reader’s attention and then build on the excitement. End the intro with the thesis statement. For every paragraph, you must have a topic sentence that would somehow relate to the thesis statement. This would allow you to remain on a single track instead of diverging into something else. The readers might not appreciate you talking about computers in an essay related to your friend. In case you need help with developing an outline, consult an essay writing service now.
  • Conclude the essay with a strong statement and give the audience something to remember and ponder upon once they leave your essay.

Essay writing is a matter of proper planning, structuring, and then executing. Make sure you proofread and compare your essay regularly to your outline. Just to be certain that there have been no points that have been left out. Now open your word processors and start writing. If you are still confused, get help from a write my paper service.

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