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What is Argumentative Writing?

It is a piece of writing that is written to provide the readers with a complete analysis of a particular topic. Like the other types of essay, an argumentative essay also possesses great importance. These essays make it convenient for the general audience to take their stance on a specific issue. These are the papers that are usually written to discuss the aspects of a trending issue. Specifically, if we talk about women's rights then it is a topic that has great significance. Many people have different opinions regarding the rights of women in the current time. Different rights have been highlighted by activists nowadays. These rights include discrimination within the workplace, gender inequality, sexual harassment, the right to abortion, feminism, and the liberty of movement. However, it is a must that these kinds of essays should be written in such a way that it attracts a lot of readers. The writer should be familiar with the basics of writing a perfect essay. Some tips can be used by the writer to write an essay of splendid quality. You can also ask someone to write essay for me.


Write a thesis statement that provides the readers an overview of the discussion.

The introduction should be strong.

Discuss each argument in a separate paragraph.

Conclude your essay by discussing all the main points.

The writing style must be persuasive.

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