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Argumentative essays are a hard nut to crack, they are complex and need analytical skills in addition to writing and research skills. Well, you can always ease the difficulty level of writing an argumentative essay by making an outline first. The outline might take 20 to 30 minutes but believe me it is worth it. It will help you organize your thoughts and effectively present your arguments with ample supportive details and authentic evidence.

Before you begin making the outline of your argumentative essay, you should know in addition to the three basic parts of an essay. It has an additional paragraph in which you report and invalidate the arguments of the opposing side. An argumentative essay has the following four sections:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Reporting and refuting opposing point of view
  • Conclusion

Steps and Guide to Argumentative essay outline

Before we delve into the process of making an outline of your argumentative essay, I would let you in on a little secret. During my high school days, I used to often pay someone to write my essay for me. You can also do it. It is really easy for you guys, now. You can get the help of an online essay writing service if you consider it is a bit difficult for you to handle. Whatever you decide, here are some steps for you to make the outline:

Begin with introduction

An essay always begins with an introduction and an introduction with a hook statement. There are three elements of an essay and you should focus on these three while outlining the introduction:

  • Hook statement: Try to grab the attention of the readers with your opening sentence. Think of something interesting and bewitching. It can be an unbelievable fact or a string claim that you can also prove.
  • Background information: Provide background information about the topic to make sure that the readers fully understand the topic and can easily understand whatever you are going to say in the essay.
  • Thesis statement: End the introduction with a thesis statement. Keep it clear and concise.

Body paragraphs

In your outline, make a list of strong arguments that will support your thesis statement. Thereafter provide a list of supporting details and evidence to prove the relevance, credibility, and truthfulness of your arguments. Focus on a single argument in one body paragraph. Each paragraph in the main body of your essay should have the following elements:

  • Main argument
  • Suppporting Details
  • Evidence, examples, and statistics
  • conclusion

Counter Argument paragraph

This is an additional section of an argumentative essay. You should be very cautious while writing this paragraph. In this section, you will provide the arguments raised by the opposing side and then you would refute them one by one by providing logical arguments and supporting details and evidence. This section will make your essay look unbiased and would also strengthen your position as you have invalidated the counter position.


In conclusion, an essay writer will restate the thesis statement, not in original words, though. Moreover, you will also emphasize the thesis statement by providing a summary of all the arguments that you discussed in the body paragraphs of your essay. You will relate them to your thesis to prove that your position is better than that of the opposition. In the end, you can give a call for action. You can ask your readers to take any action at the individual level or community level.

Remember! argumentative essays are tricky. Therefore, instead of risking your grades, you should always get professional help.

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