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Citations are added to the text to provide a reference to the source that one has consulted. To ensure the ethical principles while writing a text, we give due credit to the sources from where we have extracted the data to be incorporated in our work. It is considered unethical not to give due credit to the source of information. Citation within the text points toward a source that is added in the bibliography at the end of our work or you can ask others to write my paper.

Students find it easy to write a text but they find it really hard to add citations and references. Such students fall into the trap laid by the cheapest write my essay service. They are made to believe that their paper would be written with proper citations and references. Even when referencing is done with proper formatting, the students do not get to learn much from this practice.

APA is an acronym for the American Psychological Association and it is the referencing style that is used in social sciences usually. It is quite popular in academia due to its simplicity. For citing a text in APA, the last name of the author is enclosed in parenthesis, which is separated from the publication year using a comma, e.g. (Smith, 1994). In case an essay writer is citing a direct quotation from another source, he will be required to enter page number after the last name of the author and year of publication, e.g. (Smith, 1994, p.48). The page number is separated using a comma and periods are usually placed outside the parentheses in in-text citations.

If the publication date is not known then the citations and references include the initials "n.d" instead of the publication year. "n.d" stands for "no date" and it is used only when a publishing year is not recorded on the source that you are referring to; for instance, (Smith, n.d). In the case of multiple authors, the last names are separated by an ampersand, like, (Smith & Gurr, 1994). If the authors have the same surnames, then their names are added in square brackets, e.g. [Smith].

The initials in the author’s name are separated using periods when adding the name in the bibliography, e.g. Smith, J.A. In the references, the author's first name is preceded by his surname; a comma separates the surname and first name of the author. A period is added after the name of the author and then the publication date is added in parenthesis. After the date, the title of the source and the location of the publisher is added.

All Entries in references are usually separated using periods. The publisher’s location and name of the publisher are separated using a colon in the APA format. If the source is an online source, then a URL is added at the end of the reference

For example, Smith, J.A. (1994). My Political Family. London: McGraw Hills.

Bibliography in APA style of referencing is usually added on a new page toward the end of written text. The bibliography in APA format is aligned in the center. The names of the authors in the bibliography are arranged in alphabetical order. If the author’s name is not known, then the source’s title is used in its stead, both in the references and the citations. Multiple works of the same author are arranged in order by the date of publication. If the year of publication is the same for these sources, then the publication year is ordered alphabetically. A letter is written along with the publication year to order the sources, e.g. (1994a, 1994b, 1994c).

You can take help from many essay writing services online. They offer to write your papers for you. A paper writing service might write you a paper with proper referencing and citations but you are still required to make an effort on your part. The help from these online sources can increase your understanding of different citation styles. There would come a time when citing a text would become as easy as writing a text.

APA referencing and Citation guide is usually preferred by students and teachers because it is simpler to use. It is not as detailed as the Chicago style and has simpler formatting rules. Students from social sciences widely use the APA style. It is the most used citation style in the field of social sciences.

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