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An annotated bibliography assignment is not a usual assignment. This assignment does not offer any solution to a problem or issue. Nor it explains a real-life experience. Instead, an annotated bibliography is a detailed list of existing literature used in a paper to prove the main point of the author.

An annotated bibliography contains a complete list of references to every used source. It also consists of summaries and analysis of the used sources and that is why an annotated bibliography assignment is different from other assignments.

There are some important points; one must keep in mind when choosing the topic for an annotated bibliography assignment. First of all, any topic for the annotated bibliography must match titles of the used and analyzed sources. This is important because it provides a comprehensive answer to the main research question.

Another point is about citing sources. Students must ensure that they use two main types of sources which are primary and secondary. In the annotated bibliography, the importance of primary sources is higher than secondary sources. In other words, primary sources are more critical and mandatory to read and cite as compared to secondary sources.

Most of the time, an essay writer may not have a particular topic for his annotated bibliography essay or paper. Students can have a detailed list of annotated bibliography topics but you should select the one based on your subject. Sometimes, some students write an annotated bibliography on top of their paper. But it is not the solution.

In addition to the above statement, students should choose and write a specific topic on top of the paper. They should do it even if the teacher does ask for it. It would help you stay close to what you aim to write about. Additionally, the last page of the annotated bibliography assignment is references, bibliography, or work cited page based on the citation format of your essay.

You may find many lists of topics on the internet. But you cannot find those topics relevant to yourself. It is because they list topics for every academic or educational level. For example, they list different topics where some can be good for high school students while others may be for college students. Here, students get confused about which topic to select for their essays.

Below is the list of most appropriate and even perfect annotated bibliography topics for high school students.

  1. Financial management and financial crisis of the year 2008
  2. Major factors affecting today’s globalization
  3. The significance of Moneyball generation in today’s marketing and advertising
  4. Preventive steps towards stopping drug abuse
  5. The real impact of drug abuse on mental illness
  6. The importance of internal sports facility in colleges
  7. The legal cyber attacking
  8. Education and professional career
  9. The role of education in international/global settings.
  10. Climate change and its mitigation
  11. Industrialization and environment
  12. America’s planning towards Healthcare and Nursing
  13. The significance of the internet for high school students
  14. Social media and academic performance of high school students
  15. Corporate social responsibilities of a business
  16. Ethical hacking
  17. Ethical business practices
  18. The American Nursing Association (ANA) codes of ethics
  19. Novels and real-life experiences
  20. Language, grammar, and learning

You can select the topic for your annotated bibliography considering the requirements of your final research work like what you exactly want in your research paper, essay, thesis, etc. But remember, you can take professional help from an online essay writing service, as this will refine your work and would help you to attain better grades.

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