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Bibliography generally refers to the referencing of a document that has been used in a study as a source. Generally, a bibliography is added at the end of the document and follows a distinct style, i.e., MLA, APA, Chicago, or another. An annotated bibliography on the other hand is different from a simple listing of the sources used in an essay or research paper. An annotated bibliography provides a summary of the article, the author's main claim, and methods used for the research, and relevance of the article in your essay. It starts with the proper citation of the study in a particular citation style, e.g., APA, and a summary of the overall topic. Students can get an idea from an online essay writing service if they find it difficult to write an annotated bibliography by themselves.

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Annotated bibliography writing is a technical task. For beginners, it is difficult to write a good annotated bibliography at first. They often lack expertise in writing and referencing styles, thus they get poor grades. To get a better idea, students can take help from an annotated bibliography example that is available in plenty on the web. It can enhance their understanding of the proper technique of writing an annotated bibliography and provide insights about referencing styles. There are different kinds of annotated bibliographies, some may simply provide a summary of the content, and others may evaluate or reflect on it. However, it all depends on what your professor demands.

An annotated bibliography contains two parts, a reference of the article in APA format, and the annotation. The second element is immediately followed by the first. No further spacing is required as all the text uses double spicing. However, writing an annotation is different from an abstract. It contains many sentences and can be longer than a typical abstract of a paper. Besides, it also includes your evaluation and a reflection on how that particular article can be helpful in developing arguments in your paper.

In a simple APA format, an annotated bibliography is written in the following way.

Gilbert, P. (1991). From voice to text: Reconsidering writing and reading in the English classroom. English Education , 23(4), 195–211.

In this article, Gilbert sheds light on the idea of "voice" while interpreting a text. She suggests that it is time to stop searching for the voice in reading. She reasons that social and critical literacy can endanger textual understanding and argues that it can be better dealt with by moving towards a different understating of the texts. Gilbert proposes that instead of focusing on the metaphor of “voice", theories of language can be more useful in teaching if they are considered as a social language. She seems to differ with and refute the dominant discourses that vehemently emphasized the use of "voice" in writing and gives an interesting perspective against the use of "voice" as the primary source of making a piece of writing meaningful.

This article is interesting and has enriched my knowledge with several new ideas. I will use one of the ideas from this article to support my point about how to be authentic while writing. Besides, in my view, there are many quotes and terms that I can use in my paper and enrich it with quality content. Moreover, the authority of the author over the subject will make my essay look more convincing and plausible.

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