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When using someone’s work or historical data, information, or evidence to support your arguments requires proper citation of those sources into your academic writing. As the data or information an essay writer is using to support your argument or statement is not yours that's why it is necessary to mention the original author or the original work from where it is taken. Moreover, it is usually done in online essay writing to avoid plagiarism as a plagiarism checker counts those words as plagiarized that appeared in someone’s work without citing them.

In research-based writing, various styles are available for citing sources, where different styles use different rules and guidelines to cite sources. These styles involve MLA style, APA style, AMA style, Chicago style, and Harvard style, etc. where some of these styles like for example the APA style are available in more than 1 edition. For APA two editions are available these are the 6th and 7th editions. Just like styles are available for citing sources, similarly, annotated bibliographies can be created in these various sourcing styles. Annotated bibliography summarizes different sources. Using a style for annotated bibliography means that creating an annotated bibliography in that specific style. Chicago style is one of the common source styles used for annotated bibliography and citation in academic or research-based writings. If you are still confused, hire an essay writing service now in no time.


Mentioned below is an annotated bibliography example in Chicago style which is written and formatted using Chicago formatted rules and guidelines.

Battle, Ken. “Child Poverty.” A Question of Commitment: Children’s Rights in Canada 11

(2007): 21.

The author appeals to a deep study carried out on government documents to analyze and explain the benefit programs for Canadian children. He highlighted some of the essential assumptions made on the belief that every member of the society is responsible for the upbringing and growth of the children. He made everyone aware that their assumption about Canadian society, that it is playing a vital role in the growth and protection of the children of society, was wrong. He made it possible by analyzing and comparing rates of child poverty in various countries. However, the conflict focused mainly on National Child Benefit by arguing that the journalists and political figures did wrong by criticizing National Child Benefit and that NCB did not deserve this. He further highlighted the National Child Benefit by mentioning its development rate, benefits, costs, etc. The author relied mainly on his particular work. Rather this work could easily be made more attractive by highlighting perspectives of different other authors and researchers and their contributions. This research however provides context for investigating and evaluating the reality and growth of child poverty in Canada.

There are certain rules and guidelines for formatting Annotated Bibliography in Chicago Style. These rules and guidelines differ from rules of other source styles such as APA, AMA, Harvard, etc. These rules and guidelines make these sources differ from each other. Rules for formatting Annotated Bibliography in Chicago Style are:

  1. Text included in an annotated bibliography should be double-spaced that is double lining space should be maintained between sentences.
  2. Indent each paragraph in the essay by using the “Tab” key.
  3. Times New Roman style should be adopted as the font style.
  4. Number all pages at the top right corner of the page but do not number the title page meaning start the numbering after the title page.
  5. 1-inch Margin lines should be used for all pages in Chicago style.

It is better to remember the rules of every style while writing annotated bibliographies. It is necessary because the rules somewhat mix. I once asked my friend to write my essay . This helped me analyze and came to know about the mistakes I used to perform while writing essays using different citation styles or even with annotated bibliographies.

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