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Students are assigned different types of assignments in schools and colleges. These assignments often involve course-related content and mostly writing essays or literature content. Students are asked to write different types of essays such as argumentative essays, expository essays, annotated bibliography essays, etc. An annotated bibliography essay involves a number of different sources cited in the essay. A summary of around 150 words is written with each source. Each summary summarizes that specific source by highlighting its main idea and the basic work done by the author or authors.

Writing an annotated bibliography essay

Students who are asked to write an annotated bibliography essay for the very first time often hesitate to write. This is the reason when students are asked to write an annotated bibliography essay as an assignment, they often roam around and ask others to write my essay for me. An annotated bibliography essay can very easily be written by following some basic steps. These steps from an essay writing service explain an orderly procedure following which students can very easily write essays. These steps are:

  1. Give a detailed study of the topic. Know what it is about.
  2. Research and collect material or work done by different authors regarding the topic.
  3. From the collected sources choose some that you think should be included in your essay.
  4. After selecting sources, write down the citations.
  5. After adding citations, write the summary for each citation. The summary should include basic elements and work done by the author in that specific source.

These were the 5 steps required to write an annotated bibliography essay. Moreover, there are some important things that need to be carefully attended to while writing an annotated bibliography. Such as deciding the topic of your bibliography assignment carefully and with great attention. A topic is very important not only for writing good essays but also helps grab the reader’s attention. A topic should be selected keeping in mind two basic things. First, it should be of your audience’s interest. Secondly, it should be the one on which you have good command, as in you know what the topic is about. This helps you research your topic easily. If you select a random topic you won’t be able to decide what information or sources to include and what not to.

Annotated Bibliography Assignment Topic List

Writers can select topics of their own choice and interest. However, mentioned below is a list of interesting topics that will help students write interesting annotated bibliography essays:

  1. Explain the origin of vaccines and their success in the medical field.
  2. What leads to allergies in humans. Explain the causes and list reasons that can help prevent them.
  3. What are the fields in biology that are changing the face of biology?
  4. What is human cloning? Should human cloning be allowed?
  5. How online games are changing children’s attitudes or making them violent?
  6. How should children be taught to take things such as education and gaming equally?
  7. Explain how marketing is beneficial for the company’s growth and development.
  8. How to grab your audience’s attention with your material?
  9. List the pros and cons of the online and traditional education system.
  10. How to bring advancements in businesses using technology?
  11. Explain the difference between women of old times and women of today’s modern world.
  12. Why are businesses providing women an equal place to men?
  13. How is the online education system better than the traditional education system?
  14. Why was human testing introduced?
  15. How can exercise be used to get relief from mental issues like anxiety, depression, etc?
  16. Why are psychological issues considered the only reason behind suicidal attempts?
  17. Should animal testing be allowed for research work or scientific experiments?

These were some of the interesting topics for an annotated bibliography assignment. Along with the topic of the essay, the writer should focus on the structure and the organization of his/her essay. This helps the reader understand well. Students can also take help and guidance from an essay writer in writing effective and outstanding essays for their assignments. All they have to do is contact a paper writing service online for writing help.

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