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Academic writing is not easy. A lot of time and effort is required in crafting a brilliant essay that will earn you a high grade. But what if there are other deadlines that you have to meet? Handling multiple assignments is frustrating but with the right guidance, you can ace it.

What are analytical essays?

In these essays, your perspective, view, or analysis matters a lot. You may be asked to write an analytical essay on any topic such as a piece of art, music, history, literature, or even a science-related academic paper. You can also ask someone to write my paper.

If you talk about analysis, it is a very broad term that encompasses comparison essays, definitive essays, cause and effect essays, and classification essays, etc. You must choose the type of analysis based on the provided topic.

Where to begin

Most students have trouble writing an analysis essay because they don't know where to start. Start by preparing a rough outline where you analyze the topic thoroughly, form an argument, and justify it. You can consult an online essay writer if you believe your outline is weak. These guidance services will either correct the work you submit or write your whole essay for you.

Good topics for analysis with examples.

You must remember to follow the proper format. Even in your rough outline, first, write your introduction in bullet points and end it with your thesis statement. Then use the thesis statement to write the topic sentences of each body paragraph. Each body must contain your claim and examples/evidence to support it. Finally, conclude your essay and add the list of references

  1. Analyze the usage of Drugs in underaged children
    • At a young age, your friends often encourage you to do drugs. Quitting can lead to their displeasure which affects a young person psychologically
    • Drugs are seen as something that adults do and children hate being referred to as kids who know nothing. Therefore, drug usage is seen as something that can make you ‘cool’
    • Children often believe that drugs will solve their mental problem
  2. Why is it important to invest in renewable energy?
    • It lessens our dependence on fossil fuels which will be depleted soon. Renewable energy is infinite and cannot deplete.
    • It is an alternative to fossil fuels so it can help save the environment by decreasing global warming
    • The efficiency of the electricity produced by solar, hydropower, or wind energy is high
  3. What are the causes and consequences of gambling?
  4. causes

    • Gambling is easy money
    • Reduces stress and is entertaining


    • You can lose a large amount of money
    • You may lose your loved ones
    • You may become violent and mentally stressed
  5. What are the major types of pollution caused by factories?
    • Water pollution by releasing their effluent in a running water body
    • Air pollution by releasing the exhaust gasses into the atmosphere
    • Land pollution by dumping useless products on the ground
    • Noise pollution for those who live nearby
  6. Advantages of having an emotional support animal as a pet
    • They accompany you everywhere, you don’t get lonely
    • They can be groomed and fed, which gives mental satisfaction to trauma victims
    • Walking them encourages you to exercise
    • Help you socialize with the outside world

If you are given the choice to select your own topic, choose one that you have prior knowledge of. If a topic is given to you, find credible research papers on it, and make a rough outline. If you cannot find reliable information, you can hire a paper writing service. You can ask them to analyze your work or come up with a new essay in a given time frame.


Analytical essays are not difficult to write. Just keep the basic rules of essay writing in mind and make a rough outline first. You need to find credible sources to support your claim so search your topic on google scholar. If you are still facing difficulty, hire online essay services and say write essay for me.

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