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In recent years, this world has witnessed plenty of cases of white-collar crime that explicitly indicate the growing severity of this issue. This type of crime consists of different activities of fraud and corruption that take place in a business setting by reputable individuals and strong groups. The fundamental characteristics of white-collar crimes reflect as the violation of trust, misconduct, fraud, or any form of corruption within the scenario of occupational activities. In other words, the practice of white-collar crime is characterized as financially encouraged, non-violent criminal activity committed by corporate or government professionals. This paper focuses on critically analyzing the influence of white-collar crime on society.


Fraud, salary theft, money laundering, cybercrime, bribery, corruption, embezzlement, infringement all these are some of the significant forms of white-collar crime. The impact of this sort of crime on society is immense and it can be witnessed on both individual and group levels. The economic situation of society can be under extreme danger due to the increasing crime rate. The job security of employees deteriorates in case of threat of fraud or corruption. While, the wrong allegations of white-collar crime on someone can be the reason for immense stress and this kind of behavior eventually appears as the harmful condition prevails in any society (author, date). The stems of white-collar crimes are deep-rooted as such activities harm the overall progress of any society. Victimization due to the prevalence of white-collar crimes is identified as the worst impact of this type of misconduct that can completely ruin someone’s career or even their entire life. It is observed that sometimes white-collar criminals used their vicious skills to trap others to save themselves. Their tactical minds are harmful to the peace of society. In simple words, attempting white-collar crimes by some people is the attempt of snatching vital opportunities for success from the hardworking citizens of society(author, date). Furthermore, the risk of violent activities in the scenario of white-collar crimes can also never ignore. It is witnessed that many times, white-collar criminals take aid from different forms of violence to protect themselves.


In a nutshell, it is noticeable to consider that the negative influences of white-collar crimes on society are wide-ranging. Handling white-collar criminal cases is a complex situation. It involves a massive amount of money and finding the truth is not an easy task in this regard.

The following essay is a good example of an analytical essay that can be helpful to understand step by step arrangement of this type of essay. The use of different evidence in the essay is a helpful condition to justify your main claim or argument you develop for your analytical essay.

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