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For a spectator, the debate may look like a spectacular activity but trust me it is more than that. It requires exceptional skills to present an argument to the audience. Sometimes speakers do not have a lot of preparation before a formal debate but the situation is different for an experienced debater. Debate enables you to improve your speaking skills by developing and presenting a convincing argument. During a debate, you can give your argument in favor of or against a particular issue.

Most of the time there are two or more than two teams in a debate competition. Usually, each team is responsible to represent a certain issue and defend it. Your arguments can be with respect to an individual person or against a whole team. Usually, before a debate competition, the participants have plenty of time for preparation about the given topic. Your arguments must be refined and convincing that is why debate writing can be tough; especially if you are writing it the first time.

Writing arguments for debate can be a lot different than a normal argumentative essay. For debates, you must possess presentation and public speaking skills. I know it can be a little overwhelming for you but do not worry about your debate preparation. You can also avail of the help of an expert essay writing service who is a pro in writing debates. I am sure once you avail of such service; it would be way easier for you to participate in the debate. By following these pointers you would be able to write a good debate material.

Steps to follow

Strong opening

Your opening lines should be strong which you can do by using emotions. For example, if you are arguing against drug mafias then you would say the world would be a lot safer without such gangs by using mixed emotion. You will back this argument for the rest of your debate with other examples.

Narrate your topic

Your topic of the debate should be crystal clear to your audience. Just narrate your topic and tell them what would be your position during the debate. For example, you can state that "We are gathered here to discuss topic A and my team firmly believes that it is important to discuss."

Use posters

It is important to use posters which would help you to narrate your points. You can also use slides for the convenience of your audience so that they can grasp your ideas in a positive way.


The rebuttal is important in your writing and your debate should be flexible enough to incorporate new ideas. Your opposing team may take your argument and shred it into pieces; so be careful while writing your arguments. You can refine your arguments by pre-research and discuss it with your colleagues.

Your arguments

It is an important part of your writing where you have to decide what to argue and what would be the layout of your arguments. How much supporting evidence you have with persuasive strategies; these are four keys to write a good debate. Remember that in your writing you have to convince the audience why your point is important to follow or implement. You can use logic, metaphors, and humor to assert your position. Be careful while using these as you cannot use humor when it is inappropriate and cannot disrespect your opposing team in your writing.


At the end of your writing, you would summarize your all arguments by convincing the audience that why your position is important. An essay writer can also include important statistics but remember not mention anything new at the end. Your audience may get confused with new ideas. Reinstate your position again by using your emotions but you cannot demonstrate anger or emotion in an academic debate but rather close your speech on a quotation or a humble statement.

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