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This guide is designed for students who have to submit a research proposal as a part of their submission. The purpose of this guide is to help you to develop skills for writing a focused and clear research proposal. Let’s start by looking at a broad requirement and purpose of a research proposal. After that, we will break down the research proposal into different components and examine them one by one.

Remember! A good research proposal displays synthesis and evaluation skills and advanced analysis skills. A research proposal provides you with an opportunity to get familiar with current trends and to master your subject knowledge skills. In case you need help, ask others to write my essay for me.

Purpose of a research proposal

The main purpose of a research proposal is as follows

  • To ensure that the proposed research study is achievable with the available resources and within the required time.

  • To develop a research project that can significantly contribute to the existing knowledge.

  • To demonstrate that you possess adequate experience and expertise to undertake this research project

  • To develop a detailed project plan including a theoretical framework and methodological approach

Even if the research proposal completion is not a requirement of your submission, it is better to write one. Most of the students ask us how to start an essay or research proposal. If you are also having the same problem then you are in the right place. This guide will help you to clarify your all concerns. This will help you in writing a detailed and clear research proposal. It will also help to predict problems that you can encounter during your submission. This guide will allow you to think critically about how you will manage them.

Let’s have a look at components of the research proposal


In this section, an essay writer will introduce your research topic and explain its significance. Provide background information about your research topic. Focus on landmark studies, dominant trends, and more recent developments in your chosen area. Think about what has led you to choose a specific topic and why should others be interested in this specific area of study. Identify gaps to construct a research problem. Keep in mind! The gap should be worth exploring as this will help in creating new knowledge. Identification of gaps will require an understanding of problems and development in your chosen study area. It is very important to structure your introduction section. It should begin with a broad idea and then gradually come to a specific question. Remember! A research proposal is written to justify and communicate the details of your research project. Hence it is suggested that you use precise and clear language.

Research question

Constructing a focused and clear research question is important in writing a good research proposal and provides direction to your research. A good question should be clear, important, relevant, researchable, and precise. If you are having difficulty in writing a research proposal, consult an essay writing service to get a well-written research proposal with zero plagiarism.

Literature Review

The literature review is written within the context of existing studies and knowledge in your discipline. Make sure to include existing gaps in the previous studies as this will provide novelty to your research study.


Provide a full description of the research design and specific procedures that will be used in the research study. The methodology should be detailed enough so that it can be replicated. If you are using a methodology that is developed by other researchers then cite the relevant study.


This is also known as Work Cited or Bibliography. The style depends on a disciplinary field. Keep in mind! Whatever style you choose should be followed carefully throughout the proposal. Still confused, get help from a paper writing service now at affordable rates.

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