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Being a student means having to deal with multiple things at a time. Assignments, on-campus activities, and other extracurricular activities, a student has to manage all these at the same time. It can be said that student life is about learning to multitask.

The citation styles widely known are APA, MLA, and the Chicago Manual of Style. An essay writer might use any of these citation styles but if you are an engineering student then you might fall out of this category. Chicago style can also be used in the field of engineering but IEEE citation is more specifically used in technical fields like engineering and IT.

IEEE stands for Institute of Electrics and Electronics Engineering and it is the style specific to the fields of Information Technology and Engineering. You can use IEEE for both in-text citations and references. It shares similarities with the Chicago Manual of Style. As the Chicago Manual of Style, IEEE uses a numerical system for citations. In the in-text Citations instead of the name of author and year of publication, a Roman numeral is entered that leads the reader to the source that you have used for your research. Ask someone to write my essay for me and make sure they follow all your requirements.

Since the IEEE style is based on the Chicago style, you will see many similarities. Following are some of the things that are particular to IEEE Citation. An abstract is usually a single paragraph of approximately 200 words. The title of the paper is centered and typed in 24-point type while the paper is typed in 10-point type. The byline below the title is also centered but it is added after a line break. The byline is also written in 10-point type and includes the name of the author, his affiliations, country, and email address.

In IEEE format the paper usually has two columns and the columns are supposed to have the same length on the last page of your paper. Any graphs, charts, or diagrams that fall in a column are centered within that column and are numbered consecutively. IEEE citation style is a great essay help for students of technical fields. Aside from IT and Engineering students, students of Computer Science also benefit from it. You can also consult the essay writing service if you are overloaded with your academic tasks.

Like other citation styles, you can also have various sections and subsections in your paper that are written in IEEE format. Level one headings are numbered with Roman numerals and centered above the text. They are written in small caps while level two headings are in italics and flushed left. Level two heading follows the title case and it is enumerated with Capital letters. The enumeration in both the level one and level two headings is followed by a period. A line break is added after the level two heading but it is not added after the level one heading.

As stated earlier, the citations in IEEE style do not require you to add the details of the author or the source. You do not even need to quote the page numbers in IEEE Citation. You just have to assign numbers to your sources and then add that number in square brackets in between the lines where you want to add the in-text citation. The number would correspond to the source listed in the reference list at the end of your paper.

References are ordered numerically as they appeared in your paper. For instance, in-text citation [1] would correspond to the first source in your reference list. The same bracketed number would appear at the beginning of your reference and you will add a hanging indent so that the numbering becomes prominent. You add the first initial of the name of the author which is followed by his last name and a comma. The Journal title is enclosed in inverted commas while that of a book is italicized.

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