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Graduating from high school is the most memorable moment for students. They study throughout the year in the hope to get good grades and secure an admission in college afterward. Study shows that most of the students in America do not get admission in college due to financial issues. Their parents support them till high school but a college education is expensive; only elites and the upper-middle-class can afford it; with their vast resources. Eventually, most of them end up doing jobs of daily wages only some opt for getting a student loan.

They can secure a very good future from student loans while paying it in small installments over a decade. But if they slightly work hard in high school they can avail of student scholarships. It means they do not have to pay for their tuition fee in college. In some cases, they also get an accommodation allowance. Along with good grades, your scholarship essay writing online means a lot in convincing the committee that you are the right candidate to get one.

For guidance, you can check scholarship essay examples from a legit but cheapest essay writing service. You can also get help from an academic essay writing service to write a scholarship essay. I am sure you would get one as these services have a decade of experience in writing with hundreds of professional writers working round the clock. You can always ask them to write my paper for me. For your guidance, I am writing an example of a scholarship essay. Of course, you cannot copy it but it would give you a rough idea of how to write a good one of your own.

Example of winning scholarship essay:

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”

Winston Churchill

Someone rightly said that failure is not a failure only if you use it as a ladder and look for opportunity and success. It is one of the reasons that many famous businessmen and politicians faced setbacks then emerged successfully. Throughout my time in high school, I constantly faced challenges both financial and social. It tried my best to balance my life between my studies and family issues. I do not want to say it but my family was not ideal. My father passed away when I was a kid and sole breadwinner was my mother and still is with my two younger siblings. Poor hygienic conditions and family trauma did not discourage me to drop out of school.

I knew that the only way of success is getting a proper education that is why I tried my best to get good grades. I handled all my issues effectively with maintaining my focus on studies. It was very tough for my mother to meet all the family expenses because she was only earning daily wages. To contribute to family expenses I helped my beloved mother by giving home tuition. From elementary school, I was very good at math until high school. I knew all the concepts with Algebra my favorite. It was not easy for me but it helped me to become an expert in solving math problems.

I believe I deserve this scholarship because I did not get discouraged from the hurdles that I faced throughout my childhood. I just waited for the right moment and realized that now it's time to do something extraordinary; I started to give home tuition. I always get encouraged by obstacles and made my way through problems, my goal to graduate high school. You can see that I have secured good grades. I am hopeful to get this scholarship only then I would be able to join college and pursue my dreams. If I would get this scholarship I would make sure to get good grades in college and secure admission for higher studies. I am patiently looking forward to your positive response; regards.

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