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Your academic period is full of challenges whether you are in high school or college. The completion of assignments is as important as your academic degree. From many subjects and assignments, essay writing is one important step towards your professional life. Writing an essay can be a fun activity with a lot of learning but you have to be careful of the type and requirements before starting your essay.

Academics have divided essays into several categories each with a unique method to write. Among various other types, a cause and effect essay enables you to explore the actual causes behind an event or occurrence and the resulting effect it. Before you start to write such an essay, make sure that you know all the key strategies. In this article, I will highlight a few simple techniques and tips; I am sure you too can write a very good one by following them or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Tips to make your essay impactful

  1. First, determine the domain or area of your essay that would help you to do relevant research.
  2. If you are writing an essay about the causes and effects then you must choose a topic that is controversial because your reader would find it intriguing. For example when two planes hit the twin towers (cause) both collapsed (effect). There could be countless other areas and topics which you can cover in this respective essay.
  3. Before choosing a topic sit down and start brainstorming and decide on a topic which your professor considers relevant. It is important because you should not choose a random topic that may have been written thousands of times; try to pick a unique topic.
  4. Your topic should be clear and should not contain any conspiracy theories because you have to talk with evidence. Remember that your essay is not an opinion article so refrain from adding your ideas to it.
  5. After deciding your topic, get it approved by your professor if he approves, do not start to write on it. First research for the right material you can use both secondary and primary resources.
  6. You would find plenty of data from different sources but you cannot write all of it in your essay. Narrow down your research and conclude it on a specific point because you cannot answer multiple questions in a standard essay.
  7. After narrowing your research write down your thesis statement. Making this statement is important because your essay would revolve around this statement. It would also set the direction of your essay.
  8. You can mention all the important points in your outline as it would help you and the reader to have a basic idea about your essay. If you think it is too much for you to handle then you can always hire a professional essay writer for your ease and let him or her tutor you into producing a good one.
  9. In the introduction generally, discuss your topic with background knowledge and end it on the thesis statement. In the rest of the essay, you would defend your thesis statement in multiple paragraphs. If you still need any help, consult a write my paper service now.
  10. The main part of your essay would be the body paragraphs where you would justify your claims. You can follow either a block structure or a chain structure for your essay. If you want to follow block structure then write all the causes first and effects afterwards. In the case of chain structure write each cause and effect in one paragraph followed by the next paragraph and so on.
  11. The last paragraph would be your conclusion in this part, reinstate your thesis statement and summarize all points mentioned in the essay. Do not write anything new in this part as your reader might get confused. However, you can always ask an essay writing service to assist you if you are confused.

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