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A narrative story is a test of one's skills to narrate a real-life event from his experience. The writer narratives an experience in the larger frame of a theme like a lesson learned. The story that captures the imagination is an effective one, so one is required to be imaginative in telling a meaningful story. A good storyteller is likely to produce an incredible narrative story. However, if you are not, still you need not seek the help of a paper writing service because this blog is going to make it super easy or you can ask others to write my paper.

Steps to follow

1. Memorization and Prewriting

This is an important step. Once assigned with a theme, think of an experience that relates to the theme and take rough notes of the events. The incident doesn't need to appear big apparently rather a small incident that has importance for you makes a good narrative story. If there is an emotional connection to it, then it is likely to create a greater impact. Once the topic is decided, recall the memories associated with it like the people, year, setting, season, and the objects involved. Serious yet polite and emotional language creates a greater impact on the minds of the reader. Every minute detail accounts for the larger thematic ideas, so the sequence of events should be smooth and coherent.

2. Drafting and outlining

The smoothness and liveliness of a narrative essay play a primary in involving and creating the desired impact on the minds of the reader. Narrative essays are mostly written in the first person. The pronoun 'I' personalizes the essay that appears more engaging and interesting. A proper background of the story is a must for the reader to fully connect and understand the story. Even a small detail is likely to skew the understanding of the reader, so is an extraneous one. It should be narrative in a way that the reader should feel like he/she was present at the moment. The language should be illustrative and vivid emphasizing the significance of the experience. A logical pattern of events preferably a chronological order of events account for easy and thorough comprehension. The goal of the writer is to involve and engage the reader instead of simple information. Since it is nonfiction, the plot-building technique of the writer plays a vital role in making the story lively and animated.

Modification and reorganization

In this part, students revise the story considering the smooth progression of events. Particularly wrong-placed transitions may make a story confusing for the reader. The essay writer needs to look for details about whether more needs to be added or a few need to be subtracted. Moreover, the reader's engagement should be made sure by the word choice and language usage. It should not appear just as an informative piece rather as a narrative story. The significance of the story in view of the theme is important that when is to be told to the reader. Whether it should be told in the beginning or should be reserved till the end, making the reader curious to know, is the writer's choice as he/she thinks it would be effective. Lastly, make sure that the language used is simple, active and no slang is used. Also, look for the narration that it must not be in second-person and the references are limited.

It is obvious that the memories are hard to put into words and mostly, students struggle with the organization of thoughts and usage of language. So, they have often been observed asking someone to write my essay, instead, a couple of rewriting and redrafting does the trick for oneself.

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