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Learning how to write a great expository essay is an important writing skill that is necessary for several professions. An expository essay is a type of structured academic writing that needs factual evidence to investigate or explain a specific topic. The expository essay’s purpose is to present an objective and balanced description of a topic. The expository format allows for a logical and clear description of complex information instead of providing personal opinion and proving a point. Writing an expository essay is a valuable skill in different fields including business, journalism, and science.

Whether you are writing a long research paper, post, or a simple essay, First and last impressions are very important in writing. If someone starts reading an expository essay, he or she will decide from the very start whether this essay is worth reading. Ironically, the essay can be an amazing piece of writing. If the opening sentence is dull then readers will not keep reading the remaining essay.

To make your essay opening amazing, you must start your essay with a hook. So, what is a hook in essay writing? This guide from an essay writing service will help you understand the concept.

A hook is defined as brief information that is provided at the start of an essay and aims to attract the reader’s attention. A hook is no longer than 1 or 2 sentences, but it should be interesting, intriguing, and impressive so that readers read further and want to know more. For example, a joke is not an appropriate hook for a serious topic or a persuasive essay and a line from a poem has little chance of becoming a great hook for an expository essay. When writing an expository essay, here are some rules from a paper writing service which you must follow while writing a hook.

Choose hook at the end of writing an expository essay

To write an amazing hook that catches the attention of your readers, you must choose your hook at the end of writing an essay. Although it is the first sentence of your essay, it doesn’t mean that you have to write a hook at the start. Writing an expository essay is a creative and long process. So if you cannot think of a great hook at a start, just start writing, and eventually, you will come up with some attractive hook that grasps your reader’s attention.

If you are confused about choosing the right hook for your expository essay then get help from a professional essay writer. The write my essay for me services provided by experts help you in creating an effective and eye-catching statement for your essay.

Make the hook short.

Keep in mind! You don’t need to write many paragraphs to hook your readers, just add one or two-sentence statements leaving some questions unanswered and creating suspense.

Don’t forget the rule! The shorter the great- This works for all essay hooks. It is important to keep your hook shorter to ensure that readers will read at the same time they start looking at your expository essay. Add a hook that forces your readers to ask questions. A great hook whether it uses emotion, action, or action makes your reader guess about your backstories, motivations, and character.

Think about what type of hook will work best for your expository essay opening. If you are still confused about writing an expository essay then take assignment help from someone expert in essay writing. The online essay writing services help you in securing the highest grades at an affordable price. Here are some ideas for you.

Anecdote: Tell your readers a memorable short story in a few sentences that will create the best stage for the rest of your expository essay.

Quotation: You can add a quotation hook from some famous personalities such as philosophers, actors, social activists, and presidents. Make sure that it relates to your essay topic and adds a smooth transition. If you decide to add a question hook then make sure it is thought-provoking and catches your reader’s attention.

Statistics: You can also add statistics that back up your expository essay theme. The right statistics should be staggering, effective, and impressive.

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