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Essay writing can prove to be tedious if you don’t give consideration to the minor mistakes that we usually make. I started thinking about such mistakes the day I was doomed to submit an essay myself. Once I was asked to write an analytical essay and as usual, I asked one of the friends who was serving as a teacher and he used to write my essay for me. At that time he was busy and my deadline was too short. So, I started to work on the essay on my own. As I started writing I came to know that there are a lot of complex sentences and I don’t know how to add them to my text in a homogenous manner. So, I read a few articles and I came to know some quick ideas that can guide you in using complex sentences in your essay.

Firstly, you need to understand what a complex sentence is. In a broad sense, a complex sentence is defined as a lengthy sentence that comprises an independent clause and at least one dependent clause. Thus, a complex sentence has one complete sentence with another sentence that depends on the independent clause to convey its full meaning.

  1. The very first idea is to read the sentence completely. It will help you comprehend the actual meaning of the sentence. After reading, you can break the sentence into some shorter ideas or sentences to add to the essay. It is one of the easiest things that you can do because you will be sure about the idea that you are writing. In a more simple way, you can break the sentence into an independent clause and add part of speech or other substitutions to help the dependent clause convey its meaning.
  2. Another idea that can help you add a complex sentence in your writing is to write a summary. The question is, how can a sentence reveal a summary? Yes, a complex sentence reflects a series of events that takes place in a single flow. Thus, you can write a simplified version of the gesture is simple words either in a single sentence or in multiple sentences. Or you can ask others to write my paper at affordable rates.
  3. If you actually want to use a complex sentence, thinking it can add to the actual weightage, you can add quotations. Usually, complex sentences are literature narration, some solid facts, or the sayings that are part of some speech. You can add complex sentences by using any attribution that is accurate or by incorporating quotation marks.
  4. You can add complex sentences easily by thinking about punctuation marks. Comma “,” acts as a central element in a complex sentence. Punctuating your sentence properly can help you a lot in adding complex sentences in your essay. In addition to punctuation, conjunctions are also significant because they tend to create connectivity in the sentence. You can make proper use of parts of speech to add to transition, contrast, or comparison within the sentence so that structure is maintained and a complete meaning is conveyed.

Following these four points, an essay writer has 4 options, either you can add a complex sentence the way it is. Moreover, you can also shift to other modes of sentence structure so that the complex structure content is added. One of the important points in proposing the "breakdown" of sentences is, not all essays demand complex sentences. In many cases, complex sentences break the writing norms of that particular standard. Then, the most appreciated writing is the one that is concise in nature and has to-the-point ideas. Whereas using a long sentence with clichés can hamper the quality of the work. To avoid this, hire an essay writing service now at affordable rates.

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