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Whenever you are planning to online essay writing on cyberbullying, always keep in mind that this is something everyone would be in favor of. In other words, not everyone can be witnessed in favor that Cyberbullying affects lives. But it is not difficult to determine it.

You are not needed to state and argue the merits and demerits of Cyberbullying in your essay. Instead, your task is a bit complicated. But not too challenging. You will have to identify the actual consequences of Cyberbullying and their solutions. It means that an essay writer will state a thesis statement, and would prove it with appropriate evidence.

This is all about a persuasive essay. Before you start writing essays, you can also check out some persuasive essay examples to get an idea. It would be better if you read some samples on the topic you are going to write about.

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Persuasive Essay Example


In the current time, more than 3 million students become victims of Cyberbullying every year. The issue of Cyberbullying has been witnessed almost by every community. But unfortunately, not all of us have made efforts to stop it. Cyberbullying is a global issue and is becoming more critical day by day with the advancement of technology and the Internet. Indeed, almost every individual has access to the Internet and similarly to social media platforms. Many of them use the Internet to threaten other people, especially young individuals. The community affected the most by Cyberbullying is youth.

Thesis Statement

It is very important to make efforts and stop Cyberbullying because every individual has the right to use social media without the risk of harassment.


If one thinks that children cannot be bullied then he/she must think again. It cannot be hidden that every third individual (young) is a victim of Cyberbullying. It is true that Cyberbullying occurs in some particular circumstances. One of the major examples is; it occurs when there is imbalance and inequality of strength. For example, students belonging to financially strong families bully those belonging to poor families.

Pictures, messages, and posts, etc. could be easily spread to a large number of audiences in minutes. Personal messages and images are kept secured by every individual. No one wants their personal information to be shared with those who they do not want. They may even be their family members. But when someone’s information such as images reaches someone else’s hand, there are crucial problems. One of the most common problems comes to see psychological effects. One gets depressed when others get their personal data even he/she has not shared with them.

As mentioned above, Cyberbullying is a very serious issue because it has been taken very lightly. The rates of Cyberbullying have increased dramatically with the advancement of the Internet. The community called youth is experiencing the effects of this critical problem more than any other community. They experience the most because of their excessive use of social media. A survey of 200 college students finds that students are very involved with social media platforms. But the experiences have not been pleasant all the time. The survey further finds that social media has brought people close to one another. But on the other hand, it put them in a risk of losing their personal materials.


After an analysis of the issue, it could be stated that Cyberbullying does not only take place in schools. Nor is it only associated with students. But the situation is more critical than we think.

Cyberbullying is putting almost every individual, especially youngsters in trouble. But unfortunately, we are making efforts even if we have to. Apart from many, we at least ensure to stop our children from excessive use of social media. Government and community organizations should take part as well. It is important to take action because we should not put our youth in trouble called harassment and depression.

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