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You must be applying for college admission and looking for ways to fund your college education. Well, you are not alone. In the last few decades, college tuition has been skyrocketing. It has become nearly impossible for middle-income families to send their kids to college. Therefore, every second kid graduating high-school is looking for a scholarship to fund their exorbitant college tuition fee.

Unfortunately, not everyone is successful in getting a scholarship. Frightening! But you should know that most of the students who fail to get a scholarship do not take their scholarship application essay seriously. They are either depending on their A’s to win them the scholarship or they think that their scholarship essay does not make a difference. Well, they are at fault. Your scholarship essay is going to make all the difference.

If you want to write a winning scholarship essay, you should know how to write an essay. You need not worry if you have not written a scholarship essay before. In this blog, I will share a complete guide to write a stellar scholarship essay. Hang around till the end and you will most certainly be winning the scholarship. Of course, only if you actually follow the guide.

Start early

The biggest problem of the young generation is procrastination. Most of the students fail to write winning essays because they did not start early. So do not make that mistake. Quit procrastinating and get right to it.

Understand the prompt

You cannot write a good essay if you do not completely understand the essay prompt. Look for the keywords in the prompt and look them up on Google. If you think that the prompt is too difficult for you, you can always take help from an online essay writing service. They are a great help, believe me.

Do some research

After you have fully understood the prompt, do some research on the topic. Familiarize yourself with the topic. Gain information about the topic from different perspectives.

Make an outline

After doing ample research, an essay writer should outline his essay. Use the information and insights that you have gained by research to plan out your essay. The outline will streamline your essay writing process and will keep you from hitting writer’s block.

Come up with an engaging hook

To get the reader to read your essay with undivided attention, you have to start off with an attention-grabbing statement. You can either start with a quote, an unbelievable but true fact, or an anecdote. Whatever you may choose as a hook statement, it should be bold, relevant, and engaging.

Compose a strong thesis statement

If you want your essay to win you a scholarship, you better have a strong thesis statement. You will be exploring and expanding the thesis statement in your remaining essay, so make sure that you have ample evidence to support your thesis statement.

Writing the body

You will be expanding the thesis statement in the body paragraphs. You should make sure that all of the body paragraphs start with a topic sentence that is supporting the thesis statement. Moreover, you should discuss only one main point in one body paragraph.

Concluding the essay

In the concluding paragraph, you will restate your thesis statement and summarize all the main arguments discussed in the body paragraphs. You should never mention any new point(s) in the concluding paragraph.

Get someone to proofread your essay

After completing your essay, you should relax and get someone to proofread your essay. It is not wrong to seek help. I remember once I had my elder brother write my essay for me. We tend to overlook our faults so it would be best if you could have your elder brother or someone else take a look at your essay.

With a stellar scholarship essay, you can win a scholarship even if you do not have a bright report card. Lastly, you can always get help from a write my paper service in no time.

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